Simon says: ‘I’ve been a really good example for the kids’

Vincent Simon hopes to inspire the next generation of music students. Photo by Dubois Colon

There is a commonality shared between some of the greatest minds of all time. No matter how smart or how successful an individual is, there is always a great teacher standing behind them. Without the undeniable impression teachers are able to make on students, many would not be where they are today.

Vincent Simon, a 23-year-old from Orlando who is a music education major at FAMU, is one of these future teachers.

Simon has had a passion for music since he was a young child. Throughout his schooling years, he actively participated in the band program starting in the sixth grade. Even still, he actively participates in the marching band program at Florida A&M University as a member of the Marching 100.

Although Simon has a passion for marching and playing music on a personal level, he has an even bigger passion for sharing his love of music with students all over the world.

As a student teacher at Nims Middle School, Simon is now gaining the practice and knowledge he needs in order to interact with students on all scales after his graduation.

Through this internship, Simon is able to instill a positive effect on the minds of young students through an array of tasks including; recruitment of students for the band program, finding instruments for the kids, watching children after school, and even teaching a computer literacy course.

Photo by Dubois Colon

“I honestly think I’ve been a really good example for the kids,” Simon said.  “For example, after I coordinated a little band show for the students during lunch time.  Afterwards, kids started getting inspired and interested in the pep-band.”

Simon is not the only one aware of his progress with the students. Chorus director Andrew Thompson has been aware of Simon’s great strides for the improvement of the band program, and is captivated by his work.

“I met Vince this year, and as far as his work ethic goes, he’s definitely an over-achiever,” Thompson said. “I’m proud of what he’s been doing for the kids and even for himself. He’s going places.”

Naomi Cuellar, a freelance trombonist and previous leader of Simon’s organization, had this to say about him:

“Vince has always been great with kids,” Cuellar said.  “I think he’s really good with kids because he’s passionate about his work and truly enjoys it.”

Simon plans to continue his semester at Nims Middle and gain as much knowledge as possible before entering the workforce.