The ‘cab’ aims to keep students engaged

The Senior Class Cabinet has been planning activities throughout the school year. Photo by Cassandra Clitus

Florida A&M University’s Senior Class Cabinet didn’t miss a beat during the 2020-2021 academic year, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Although there were hardships due to switching from in-person to virtual events, students continued participating in online calls and the organization continues to plan and promote different ways for all classes to enjoy their semester.

The Senior Class Cabinet is associated with the H. Manning Efferson Student Union, which is also known as OSA.

The “cab” is a part of the student union and its mission is to create events and activities for the entire student body.

“It’s a little harder to have virtual events because you can’t always get the same energy that you would if you were in person,” said Cache Cole.

Since returning to campus, while adhering to federal guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the class cabinet plans different events ranging from yoga to skate nights. For example, at p.m. on Sundays the “cab’ hosts “Yoga with CAB,” an event that allows students who may not be on campus and other students on social media to join in during a time of relaxation and an opportunity to clear  their minds from the school week that they had.

The cab offers physical fitness days with Derrick Jones, who is also the chief of staff for the class cabinet. Jones promotes physical fitness for students at FAMU and surrounding colleges.

The virtual events allow the cabinet to bond with  students who would like to be on campus or experience “normal” college life. In doing so, some of the members in the class cabinet were doing classes remotely and made it a duty to assist everyone to create something better than before.

“I think we as a Senior Class Cabinet have done a great job in becoming close and building those bonds so we’re able to assist each other and work together better,” Jones said.

Applications for the Senior Class Cabinet are announced at least two months before the start of the next school year. The next events will consist of a nature walk and an event at District 850.

The class cabinet is very active on social media (Instagram) and if anyone needs any information, you can contact Cassandra Clitus, president of the Senior Class Cabinet, on Instagram @famu21classcab