TikTok can be a teacher’s best friend

TikToks hashtag #LearnonTikTok. Photo courtesy TikTok

TikTok is one of the most addicting social media giants because of its engaging content. In May, discussions started circulating about implementing TikToks “Learn feed” feature.

It would serve as an alternative for the “following” and “for you” streams, which give users a variety of videos designated for educational content. Educational content can be seen through the hashtag #LearnonTikTok, which provides tips, facts and more on various topics.

Some users find that they learn more information through TikTok than in the classroom. The underlying question is: Is the content as beneficial to users as they think?

As the semester comes to an end, TikTok influencers continue to provide users with educational content. This app is not only for entertainment purposes, but it can also be highly informative as far as providing study tips, life hacks, and more information through the hashtags provided.

 Social media serves the purpose of engaging users through innovative and creative ways. Although the platform can be perceived as addicting and negative connotations often follow; a lot of users believe that TikTok serves a greater purpose than just entertainment.

One Twitter user wrote, I learn so much on TikTok, if you think its a kids app, stupid or just dances then youre using it completely wrong. You can curate your ‘for you’ post mostly based on what you engage with so if youre just seeing rubbish then its because thats what you engage with…”

Some teachers and students have reverted to using TikTok in the classroom. Teachers have discovered that TikTok is highly beneficial when it comes to learning and internalizing information. They believe that by using platforms such as TikTok, students will retain more information than they would through traditional lectures because of how engaging it is.

According to Learning Lift Off, Some teachers have created their own clips to explain complex concepts or share detailed assignment instructions.”

Although TikTok provides engaging educational videos, some students would prefer using the platform for receiving hacks and minor educational tidbits rather than full-out instruction. According to Florida A&M political science student Jivan Nkansah, TikTok can be informative to an extent, but it is not the most credible resource for learning material.

I have learned a lot of cool facts and forgotten history through TikTok. I have even learned a few life hacks through the app,” Nkansah said. However, my personal preference would not be to learn through TikTok because sometimes there is fake news on the app.”

After surpassing multiple social media platforms, TikTok has become the top universal platform that serves multiple purposes for its audiences. As this platform continues to enter the education market, users remain unsure about the content.