Webinar melds cooking, yoga and nutrition

Photo courtesy Jenelle Robinson

The Nutrition Experience was a virtual opportunity for students in the nutrition course at Florida A&M University to explore healthy living in practical and fun ways.

The course is taught by Jenelle Robinson, an associateprofessor of nutrition at FAMU who also hosted Tuesday’s event. Students from her class were able to attend and were encouraged to invite friends through text and social media. The event had more than80 participants.

It opened with a poem performed by professor Robinson focusing on the health problems Black people face from obesity to heart disease.

“The Nutrition Experience was created in honor of National Nutrition Month and also as an opportunity to celebrate Women’s History Month,” Robinson said.

An herb specialist, Linda Sapp, provided information on herbs and their uses.

Even though starting with seeds may have its advantages you may feel more confident going for seedlings if this is your first attempt at growing herbs,” Sapp said.

Sapp said the seven easiest herbs to grow are basil, chives, cilantro, mint, oregano, parsley and thyme. She shared tips about how to prevent overwatering and informed everyone about the different types of plants, how they grow and how much sunlight they need as a result.

There was also  a high-energy, music-filled cooking session with culinary artist Aneeya Walters. Walters is the chef behind Wanderlust Whisk.

When you are in the kitchen it is your art, so you just make it your own,” Walters said.

Via Zoom, Walters prepared a shrimp pasta dish that had the ability to be versatile and adapted to your liking, and she did it all with an Afrobeat in the background. She shared the herbs she used in her dish as well as her special greens sauce that is made from green herbs called CariLou.” The name comes from a mix of her Caribbean and Louisiana roots.

After watching a delicious meal be prepared professor Robinson discussed the nutritional value of the meal. She gave alternatives to pasta, such as zucchini spirals and squash, and also talked about portions and that pasta isnt bad but the proper serving of everything is important.

To finish up the experience, Jian Jones, the mindful, hip-hop scholar and occupational therapist, led participants in a hip-hop yoga session that was easy for anyone to participate in.

If the words tend to be a little bit distracting, just focus on the beat because its all about the rhythm, its all about your breath which is a rhythm and its all about being mindful,” Jones said as the session started.

Jones played everything from Chris Brown to Rod Wave. The students and other participants showed appreciation in the chat.