Agribusiness at an HBCU

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Florida A&M University’s agricultural business is one of the top programs at the university. The applied program is a triple-threat skill set learning academy, featuring the principles of economics, business and management in agriculture.

The bachelor’s degree program integrates discipline and management while simultaneously teaching economics and finances. With agriculture being the majority of the program, the administrators thought it would be beneficial to implement other strengths. It was originally known as “Agi-Con,” but to create a more interesting feel to the program it was named agribusiness, says Michael Thomas, a professor at the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences. 

“People are not as interested in economics as they are business, so we have more business than we would in a normal Agi-Con program.”

As one of the unique programs at FAMU that offers a bachelor’s degree with versatile credentials, Daniel Solis listed environmental economy and action economics as two of the accreditations of the degree. The benefit upon graduation comes with an array of job opportunities such as political analyst, international business, banking, lending and even owning a farm or ranch.  The program is taught and directed by four professionals, who all have Ph.D.’s in marketing and economics. With agriculture being the second biggest industry in Florida and FAMU being a land-grant institution, Solis believes that FAMU has a mission for its students      

“Our mission at Florida A&M is to work with the industry and with farmers, so it’s an important industry that Florida A&M is a part of,” Solis said.

Alumna Daniel White, who studied Food Science, recollected her well-spent time in Foster-Tanner.

“Applying for the Agri-Business program is the best decision I’ve ever made, I was able to not only be a part of essential food life but to incorporate biotechnology, physics and business economics,” White said. “It gave me a vast arsenal of tools while also making me more marketable.”

The seven major four-year program also offers graduate school as an additional outlet for learning.

“Some students go on to get Ph.D. as some of the best students go on to law school” Thomas said.

To learn more about the Agri-Business program, head over to their website.