Rattling the pandemic

“The Hill” Photo courtesy of WTXL

After one year of worldwide suffering due to COVID-19, Rattlers are still not rattled. Among changes and delays for FAMU students, those most affected by the pandemic are graduating seniors. For Fall 2020 graduates, the in-person graduation ceremony was canceled in exchange for a virtual commencement for safety reasons. Now, students from the class of 2021 look forward to having an in-person ceremony on April 23rd.

The pandemic has postponed job start dates, internship opportunities and even homecoming, says graduating senior Brittany Eugene.

“The biggest thing for me was missing my last homecoming as a student, I knew it was going to be an experience.”

As all FAMU students and alumni know, homecoming is the most anticipated week throughout the school year. Everyone returns back to the Hill to celebrate through an array of day parties, live events and most importantly, the football game. For the popular week to have been canceled was a devastation to all Rattlers, but that just builds the suspense for the following year. FAMU has a reputation for promising a good time, which leaves something for Rattlers to look forward to in 2021.

Campus is slowly opening back up and will regain its student life, and sophomores will get to experience the Hill in their second year. For freshmen like Allan Grayson, the unexpected virtual semester that students endured will serve as a time to remember in the midst of a pandemic.

“Being online for school full-time was tough, I was excited to be on campus, but I definitely learned how to be more creative and work diligently throughout the semester,” Grayson said.

With the entire campus being shut down due to the virus, students were forced to constantly become creative to retain that campus life feeling.

“We visited each other and played board games, outdoor exercise or just watched movies. All with masks enforced, and capacity-limited spaces.” Grayson continued.

With Governor DeSantis slowly allowing the reopening of restaurants, event centers and high traffic pedestrian areas, Tallahassee is resuming back to normal for students and locals.

Vaccines are being given on campus as an option in a thoughtful attempt by the university to give students and local residents the security that is needed to overcome this pandemic.

“Having taken the vaccine offered on campus introduced a more sense of security and hope that things will go back to normal,” says business student Joe Houston. “I feel more safe and secure than before.”

With the spring semester coming to a close and summer semester underway, the university is adamant for the return of all students back to the highest of seven hills.

For more information on how to receive a vaccination on campus, visit the university’s website.