The checks are in the mail. Of maybe in your account

Photo courtesy of Sarah Tew/Cnet

The third round of stimulus checks have started being dispersed and many families and students are eager, if not excited, about the prospect of receiving $1,400.

Although there were a few individuals who did not receive the first or second round of the economic relief payments, there are now options available to those who did not receive payments.

Many college students have decided to go through Cash App to receive the economic relief payment through direct deposit.

This package will qualify dependent college students, and they will provide child tax credits for students who have children.

“I was so mad that I couldn’t get the money the first time …how do they know our parents would’ve given us the money they got for us? We were overlooked but I’m glad I can get it now,”  FAMU student  Devante Stevenson said.

In the first and second rounds of payments, most college students were left out. Most students believe that those payments could have helped them with balances, household expenses and more.

“My job was letting people go at the time, even though I saved, I still did not have the money for rent and to pay my balance down for school. I had to end up going back home and taking online classes. That money could’ve helped dramatically,” Nadiyah Fickens, also a student at FAMU, said.

This stimulus package includes all dependents regardless of their age will be eligible for the $1,400.

“I have three children and I do a lot on my own. This seemed like the biggest blessing. Seriously, this will take the load off of me for a little minute for sure, it may not be a lot to some but it’s great for me,” Coreiyanna Smith said.

The third round of stimulus checks has been a major topic for discussion on social media. Most people seem to be appreciative. They’re showing their appreciation with laughter and many, many jokes.

Some are even referencing the rapper MoneybaggYo and calling President Joe Biden MoneybaggJoe.

Although the payments are starting to be dispersed, there may be a delay since we are in the middle of tax season.

On the IRS website, if you go to the Get My Payment tool, you will be able to track your economic relief payment. There are mixed answers to whether your tracking will show immediately. However, continue to check the website. It updates once a day, so there isn’t a need to continuously check the website.