Student Senate announces updates

FAMU student senate seal. Photo courtesy

Florida A&M University’sStudent Senate held their seventh session meeting Monday evening. The committee met on Zoom for the first-time post-election, to discuss committee updates, student government updates and more.

Each committee chair gave an update on committee projects that aredeveloping, and committee plans for the rest of the semester.

The Activity and Service Budget Committee budget was reported by the Organization and Finance Committee chairman, sophomore Senator Amon Mckinney.

McKinney was happy to report that the ASBC was 50% done and is in the approval stage. He also informed the committee to be prepared to discuss the budget in the next meeting.

Judicial and Rules Committee chairman, senior William Walter, reported that some senators who have failed to uphold their duties may be in hot water with the senate.

“If they do not attend Wednesday’smeeting without an excuse, it is very likely that they will see the senate with an unfavorable recommendation or an impeachment recommendation coming from the J&R Committee,” Walter said.

Senate President, Shanel Brown, wrapped up the legislative branch reports with some crucial branch head updates.

Brown’s report included a bill regarding health and wellness days for the remainder of  the semester, that are to take place once a month. The bill was received by administration yesterday morning and will be presented to other designated administrators for approval.

Brown also reminded the committee that senate nominations will be occurring in 2 weeks for the 51st student senate president.

Student Body President, senior Xavier McClinton, was also present at yesterday’smeeting to give updates on the executive branch.

McClinton informed the committee on an update from the Florida Senate and House Bill 1, intellectual freedom bill, and Senate Bill 96.

The FAMU senateis alsolooking to file twobills, one being a renaming solution to rename Gamble Street after the Perkins family.

“We think that it’s time that we acknowledge someone who is a FAMU alum, who was very successful in the civil rights movement in Tallahassee… As opposed to carrying the name of Gamble, who was a former slave owner, segregationist and a couple of other things,” McClinton said.

McClinton also announced the names of the individuals who were nominated for cabinet positions, as well as the judicial branch.

Chairman Artise Lewis spoke briefly about the “Senate on the Run” poll that is to be administered to students to determine the student bodies rankings on funded campus entities.

Regardingchapter 200 for the executive branch, the senate interviewed junior Jaelen Guyton for the position of Chief of Staff. Guyton was questioned on his knowledge and qualifications for the position.

“I do know the duties that my position and future positions entail,” Guyton said. “My current positions have prepared me for these responsibilities.”

A motion was made to move Guyton as the chief of staff who currently serves as the Chief of Staff for the SGA President and Vice President.

Before the meeting was adjourned, senator Jean-Louis left the committee with words of encouragement and a bible verse.

Senate meetings are held every Monday at 6 p.m. to find out more information visit