Rattlers turning to TikTok for trending recipes

3 popular Tik Tok recipes are shown side by side. Photo courtesy identity-mag.com

It is no secret that Tik Tok has taken over our daily lives one video at a time. Whether it be through trending dances, life hacks, or even advice, Tik Tok has influenced us in many ways. 

One trend that has especially made its mark on our lives is the thousands of trending recipes that many have been dying to try as they pop up on there for your pages. 

As boredom strikes during this pandemic, many of us college students have turned to trend Tik Tok recipes to not only give us something to do but to also help us avoid going out to eat. I mean, with the substantial amount of free time we have now come across, what better to do than to try out some popular recipes?

Whipped Coffee, Cloud Bread, Pancake Cereal, and Feta Pasta are only a few of the trending Tik Tok recipes that rattlers have tried out, but did they live up to the hype? 

Tonique Mitchell, a second-year biology student, took a stab at one of the most viral Tik Tok recipes out right now, feta pasta.

“It wasn’t hard at all,” Mitchell said. “Tik Tok gave nice, precise instructions and I just followed them.”

This feta pasta recipe has had many different reviews where some are in favor of it, while others are not. As for Mitchell, she was impressed with the result.

“I was scared to try it at first because it was receiving mixed reviews, but it ended up being pretty good,” Mitchell said. “It lived up to the hype.”

Unlike Mitchell, some rattlers found the recipes that they tried to be a bit more challenging. Zaire Shaw, a second-year industrial engineering student, decided to give the cookie bowl recipe a try, but it was not as easy as it seemed.

“It was way harder than the Tik-Tok looked,” Shaw said. “It didn’t end up the exact way I saw it, but it was okay.”

This sweet treat consists of lining cookie dough in a cupcake tin and then baking the dough in the oven. After baking, you are left with a “cookie bowl” which you now can fill with ice cream and other tasty toppings. 

“I love chocolate and junk food, so I was content,” Shaw said. 

Shaw was not the only rattler with a sweet tooth. Jerod Smith, a third-year business administration student, tried the chocolate mug cake recipe and was very satisfied with the result, to say the least.

“It turned out really good being that I love chocolate and trying new things,” Smith said. “The video I watched also topped the cake off with cookies and cream ice cream, which is my favorite, so I enjoyed it.”

Tik Tok has taken over our kitchens one video at a time and there seems to be no stopping it now. Trying these new Tik Tok recipes has easily become a new hobby for many rattlers looking to try something new. The only question is, when will you give one a try?