Unlocked cars make it easy for thieves

Photo courtesy WSFU News

While many people make a habit of locking their front door, they may want to start locking their car doors as well. Unlocked vehicles have become an issue of high concern among law enforcement agencies in Leon County.

Tallahassee has been experiencing a high volume of car break-ins since the new year. More than 172 cars have been broken into since Jan 1, according to the Tallahassee Police Department.

According to officers, it is simple to avoid becoming a victim.TPD wants you to keep your valuables out of sight, and your car doors locked.

TPD has given warnings about the dangers of not locking your car doors and windows. Emmanuel Childs, a  FAMU student, says even with locked car doors he was still left vulnerable.

“I thought I was safe being that I only live a block away from the school but I was wrong and my peace of mind was taken from me when I had my car broken into,” Childs said.

Unlocked cars represent a crime of opportunity. The majority of stolen vehicles nationwide are passenger vehicles. It is good to remember no neighborhood is entirely safe. Always be cautious and aware of your surroundings.

According to police, a man has been walking around the Tallahassee area looking into vehicles and breaking windows of those that have valuables in plain view.

“It has a lot to do with people leaving their car doors open. That is how many of these break-ins happen,” said Derrick Conures, an officer with TPD.

Officer David Northway said, “Always lock your doors and take whatever valuables inside with you. Do not leave them in plain sight if you must leave them in the car, put them out of sight. Put them in the glove box, lock the glove box, put them in the trunk something like that.”

Here are some more safety tips which are also available to the public from Talgov.com Crime Prevention & Safety:

 Lock all doors and windows.

 Use lights to your advantage.

 If available activate your car alarm system.

Make a list of all of your valuables.

Family members or trusted neighbors can check on your vehicle when you are away.

If you see something, say something, or do something.

The Tallahassee Police Department says if you see anything suspicious, call 850-606-5800.