Use social media intentionally for an enjoyable and inspiring experience

Using social media intentionally can improve your mental mindset and enhance your social media experience and consumption. Photo from

Social media is used in numerous ways such as entertainment, communication, networking, business or a news source for many. Due to society’s attention span being glued to social media for hours a day it is easy to consume a lot.

Many argue that filtering what you consume via social media can have an impactful effect on your mindset. As a content creator and influencer myself, I consider social media a great tool if you use it wisely.

Influencers tend to have certain niches they fall under whether it be lifestyle, beauty, gaming and more. Within those niches, influencers tend to interact or follow hashtags on social media platforms regarding those topics.

The more hashtags or accounts you follow that align with a certain niche, your timeline will slowly but surely consist of everything regarding that particular niche.

As someone who likes to wake up motivated with encouraging quotes and positive affirmations I make sure to follow accounts that consistently post positive content. I also implement those positive quotes and affirmations on my account as well because it aligns with my personal brand.

Influencers love to use social media as inspiration and sometimes a search engine. This is often how influencers are discovered for sponsored partnerships with brands because they engage and promote specific content.

For someone who isn’t an influencer, it can be hard to find that balance. For example, once we graduate high school or college many of our peers pursue different things in life or we grow apart with different mindsets.

If you have 5,000 followers and 1,200 of those followers post negative or ignorant posts that you don’t agree with or feel as if it doesn’t align with your lifestyle, it can feel like clutter on your timeline. Your feed can affect your mental state by how much you consume.

“There is power in what you consume and how much you consume from social media because everything is recorded in the subconscious, positive and negative,” said Morgan Dyson, a architecture student and model.

Social media is run by algorithms that promote or encourage the exposure of those you interact with or simply view on your social media account. According to Brent Barnhart from Sprout Social, the function of algorithms is literally to deliver relevant content to users.

So if you realize there is someone you follow who posts content that doesn’t align with your interest, unfollow them to prevent social media algorithms to promote more of that content.

If it’s someone near and dear to your heart and you’re not okay with unfollowing them you can  simply mute their account. I believe the more positive or aligned content you engage with promotes an enjoyable and healthier experience on social media platforms.

“The power of influence can be detrimental or fruitful” said lifestyle influencer, Sharde Warde.

So imagine how much your timeline and feed could change if you went on a social media cleanse. Your timeline could become a refreshing universe for positivity and inspiration.