Spring election results

FAMU spring 2021 virtual election results are up. Photo courtesy FAMU Electoral Commission

The SGA’s Electoral Commission released the spring 2021 election results on Tuesday, stating who all would be serving in student leadership positions during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Ballots were available in student emails from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Feb 23. For a ballot to be counted the surveys required full completion, stating “You MUST vote for EACH category in order for your ballot to count.”

Some of the virtual aspects of the pandemic have released some of the pressures of the election.

“I would say that it definitely has taken off the workloads that we have and has made it easier for a lot of candidates to get their materials approved because they only have to email it,” Electoral Commissioner Ryanne Taylor comments.

The SGA President and Vice President candidates Carrington Whigham and Marcus Thomas ran unopposed and received 95.71% of votes.

Whigham is excited to serve as the next SGA President and continue her legacy as a female SGA President.

“It has been six years too long since the last female SGA President and I am so honored to continue the legacy and serve my student body,” Whigham posts to Instagram following her win.

The 22nd Mr. FAMU and the 115th Miss FAMU that will be serving during the 2021- 2022 academic school year are Kaleb Levarity and Christelle Haygood.

Haygood went onto Instagram to thank everyone for the love and support she was shown during campaigning. Haygood is excited to serve as the 115th Miss FAMU.

“Thank you FAMU for choosing me again. It’s not about the position, but you all chose change,” Haygood said.

Chazriq Clarke triumphed as the King of Orange and Green, receiving 76.05% of the votes.

There will be a runoff for the Queen of Orange and Green race between Ju’Cole Grace and Sydney Kelly, and for the Senior Attendant race between Ty’Daja Rodriguez and Mikayla “Kay” Stovall. The runoffs will be voted for again on Feb 25 via an online ballot.

The sophomore class elected Ashona Graves and Niyla Harrell to serve as Class President and Vice President. The Sophomore Attendant will be Kendall Johnson.

The Junior Class President and Vice President are Sydney Aitcheson and Derek Cogdell, while the Junior Attendant is Nya Cummings.

Junior senate candidates were also voted on this semester with six running candidates. The victors that will be serving in the Senate during their final years at FAMU are Darius Jones, Ahmad Kebe, Artise Lewis, Vatrece Jaelynn Harris, Zachary C. Bell, and Makira Burns.

The new electoral commissioner is John Jackson III. Jackson is thankful for his supporters and looks forward to serving FAMU in campaign seasons for the 2021- 2022 academic year.

“Thank you for picking me to be your Electoral Commissioner, I will remain true to my platform points and hold myself accountable for the entire campaign season,” Jackson says.

Though the pandemic has altered almost every aspect of our lives during Spring 2021, elections have pushed through with the creativity and grace of the elections that preceded it.

Taylor, the EC, says that this election was able to run successfully despite the current pandemic.

“We were able to find a great common ground and way to move forward with still giving the essence of being on campus, so that would be the virtual pageant that we held but also, having the online voting so that it is easier and more efficient for the student body to vote,” Taylor says.

Election results are available for viewing on iStrike.