Waffle House may have been created with college students in mind

Waffle House is seemingly everywhere in the South. Photo courtesy tallahassee.com

Waffle House is an iconic Southern eatery that specializes in waffles and other breakfast foods. In a college town like Tallahassee, it is a popular choice.

As one walks into one of the Tallahassee Waffle House locations, many seemingly college-aged people can be seen, often wearing their school colors. Some college students appreciate Waffle House because the prices are low, and it allows them to quickly access breakfast foods.

I love how quick and convenient it is to go and get breakfast at any point of the day at an affordable price,” said Jaela Davis, a student at Florida A&M University.

Affordability is one of the benefits of eating at Waffle House. It offers full meal combinations for less than nine bucks and many of the single items are priced at about $4 or less. This allows college students to be satisfied without spending too much money.

Convenience is also a plus. Waffle House is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This also caters to the lives of college students, who may be looking for places to eat after late nights out. It also offers lunch and dinner options that people may like to try at mealtimes other than breakfast.

Waffle House is also convenient because of its speed. Most people get their food rather quickly, unless theres a lot of waffle orders all at once, which would cause a wait. Their dine-in service is fast, and they offer take out for people who are on the go.

On the downside, health can be a concern, as most of the options on the menu are not particularly healthy and some of the food is greasy when it reaches the table. However, because it tastes good, many seem to ignore the healthiness of the food.

Cleanliness is also an issue. In a place that is always open, it may be hard to keep up with cleaning because customers are always liable to be there. Because of this, dirty tables and a dirty floor may be seen upon entry.

Waffle House is an option that is perfect for the college student. It has the traits that cater to their everyday lives and has downsides that most college students are willing to overlook.

There are several Waffle House locations in the Tallahassee area. You can find their full menu and what they have to offer at https://www.wafflehouse.com/waffle-house-menu/.