How candidates approached online campaigns


Photo courtesy YuKwon Toney

Entering spring election season, many were excited to see what was in store ranging from the giveaways, to the graphics, to the events. Many were especially excited to see how the candidates would handle things in a social media campaign. Here’s how some candidates got creative and tackled online campaigns.

Sydney Kelly, Queen of Orange and Green candidate.

Sydney Kelly hosted an event on Instagram, “Black Her/History,” which challenged people to share their Black history stories. She explained creativity was important to her.

Photo courtesy Sydney Kelly

“Being creative plays a huge role because you want to get the audience’s attention, I’m not one to people please, but I realized that I had to get the job done, Kelly said, a candidate for Queen of Orange and Green.

Kelly has learned the ins-and-out of creativity through this campaign season. Her live video announcing the winners of the event is posted on her Instagram.

Chazriq Clarke, King of Orange and Green candidate.

Photo courtesy Chazriq Clarke

Chazriq Clarke, a student vying to be King of Orange and Green, used play-on-words throughout his campaign theme. For one of his events, “Beating Shazam with Chazam,” Clarke hosted an Instagram live with his audience attempting to figure out the names of songs being played by The Marching 100.

“The planning process was extremely fun. First, I had to research different YouTube videos that The Marching 100 had performed songs to, and I was so surprised at the number of songs they covered. From soulful R&B to modern-day hip-hop, The 100 plays it all.” Clarke said. “After that, it really was just planning out when to do it, making the graphic, and what songs to play.”

Clarke’s Instagram live video for the event is still posted on his page.

Photo courtesy Ty’Daja Rodriguez

Ty’Daja Rodriguez, Miss Senior Attendant candidate.

Senior Attendant candidate, Ty’Daja Rodriguez, explored creativity in a new way by creating an event that was near and dear to her heart. “Letters to St. Jude” was more than a campaign event for her.

“St. Jude has always been dear to my heart,” Rodriguez said. I lost my childhood best friend to a rare form of cancer called Osteosarcoma in 2016. I would go to St. Jude with her when I could and I would see the kids in the hospital be filled with so much joy when they received encouraging words from people who didn’t know them,” Rodriguez said.

This event was meant to leave a mark on children’s lives, especially during the current time period

“With the pandemic, kids aren’t allowed to see their families due to the restrictions put in place because of COVID-19,” Rodriguez said. “I thought it would be nice to send them words of encouragement during these difficult times.”

These three candidates navigated online campaigns and got creative with events. For the second virtual spring campaign season, candidates have found different ways to connect with the student body.