Four Instagram accounts that you may want on your timeline

Graphic courtesy Daniel J. Newton

There are countless accounts on Instagram that post different types of content that capture the attention of many. There are pages dedicated to motivation, social awareness, politics and pure entertainment.

Here are four Instagram accounts focused on different topics that you may want to add to your timeline — if they’re not already there.


WE THE URBAN” has more than 2.2 million followers. It posts content that is positive and provides tips for self-improvement.

Black-owned, celebrating inclusivity, self-love, & marginalized voices. Our posts have been proven to increase ones power by 1000%,”  the bio reads.

Its page features a daily post called Affirmation of the Day,” which usually is a series of motivational sayings and thought-provoking images that are meant to help in some way.

It also provides curated playlists periodically and has phone wallpapers that users can screenshot and use for positivity on the go.


impact” posts content of public interest and is dedicated to social awareness. It has amassed over 1.2 million followers.

We share digestible & socially-impactful content,” it says in its bio.

It posts about a variety of topics that fall under a focus umbrella. It uses its platform to speak about things including deportation, racism in health and even minority creatives.

Recently, it has shared a lot of information regarding Texas and the current situation that has been brought on by the abnormal weather.


 “so you want to talk about…”  has more than 2.3 million followers and it posts about politics and social issues in a unique way.

It describes its mission in its bio: Dissecting progressive politics and social issues in graphic slideshow form!”

It has produced many different slideshows about things like the importance of access to education in prison and reparations.

The page recognizes that many of the topics discussed on it are heavier. It tries to combat this by teaming up with another blog, @goodgoodgoodco, every Sunday to share positive news from the week with a slideshow focused on good news.


Justin Laboy” posts content that most of its 2.4 million followers find funny or relatable in some way.

This is a safe place. #Respectfully,” the bio says.

The word respectfully” has become signature to the page among many Instagram users. The account often humorously posts messages that some would find offensive and then follows it up with: #Respectfully.”

This page uses language that is more explicit, but its rawness and edge seem to attract a lot of its followers and others who interact with the content.

So, if your Instagram timeline is looking a little boring, you may want to check out these four Instagram pages that differ in purpose. You might learn something, or you might just laugh.