Some RAs say curfew should not apply to them

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Florida A&M University has decided to crack down on the rise COVID-19 in FAMU’s residence halls. Following an increase in cases, the dean of students last month issued a mandate that all residents must get tested for COVID-19 along with a curfew for everyone living on campus. Students must be in their dorm rooms from 10 p.m. till 6 a.m. during the week and midnight till 6 p.M on the weekends.

This was the third time this school year that FAMU has issued a curfew for on-campus residents.

Every student in the building must sign a university-mandated addendum that states that if they do not comply with the regulations they could face expulsion.

With residents and faculty having to be tested more regularly, it has led to the decisive decision to implement innovative ways to keep the cases as low as possible for the betterment of the university.


The curfew has been criticized by multiple parties. Because resident assistants — upperclassmen in most cases — have to supervise the residents, they have to adhere to the rules and regulations that are associated with the university and the Office of Housing.

Third-year business administration major and resident assistant Azaria Austin says  that she knows how the curfew could be helpful, but she believes resident assistants should not have to adhere to the curfew.


“I definitely understand but unless they are holding the residents accountable, it won’t matter,” Austin said. “There will be no point if they walk in and nobody says anything. There are repercussions for them and it shouldn’t be for us. I know my job and do my job.”


Resident assistant Christelle Haygood says that the curfew is needed but it poses an additional burden on the resident assistants.


“Some students need regulations to ensure that they are taking heed but for those who are taking heed it is a damper on our schedules,” Haygood said. “Resident assistants have a better understanding of the rules and we have our own set of rules that make sure we are doing what we have to do. We signed up for this job so we know that we have to follow CDC guidelines so there’s no need for a curfew.”


Resident assistants says they are continuing to follow FAMU’s rules as well as enforce the rules on residents.