Nice guys finish last … and they should

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I wish I could say I regret to inform the male population that the “nice guys finish last” rhetoric is false, but I’m not remorseful in the slightest. Women have passed up on nice guys since forever, not because we would rather be with a bad guy, but because these so-called “nice guys” also fall in the bad guy category. 

Holding the door for a lady does not entitle you to her phone number. Taking a woman on a date (and paying for her meal) does not obligate her to have sex with you afterward either. 

Being a kind person with ulterior motives does not make you a kind person, but it does make you a manipulative one. 

To properly explain why these types of men are losers (and shall continue to lose), we must address their common attributes.

For starters, if a guy repeatedly vocalizes how nice he is, that should raise questions in your brain. Regardless of whether he’s been doing the bare minimum or treating you like the queen that you are, nice people don’t do things because they expect something in return. If he is continually reminding you of his acts of service, understand that he’s most likely hinting that he wants a treat for his good behavior. I guess men really are dogs. 

Another red flag is when a guy has an “I’m not one of them” complex. He deems himself better than the type of men commonly desired while always complaining about not being chosen above these so-called “bad men.” 

This mindset is especially cringy not only because it screams “self-absorbed,” but also these accusations are immature and aren’t based on concrete facts.  

These men are arguably some of the scariest people because of their delusion and irrational reactions to rejection. 

Some of the self-proclaimed nice guys take their “no” on the chin and go about their day. But others act out irrationally, which has cost women their lives and left the rest of us feeling terrified to reject men out of fear for our safety.

Many women have a few standard excuses for turning away men in their back pocket that are more digestible, in case he is enraged by a simple no. “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m *insert ridiculously young age*” usually does the trick, but you can never be so sure. 

We lie in hopes that they will respect our wishes and leave us alone. Some guys would consider this being “friend-zoned.”  

They’re delusional because they’ve convinced themselves that there’s this made of land called the “friend zone.” There is no such thing as the friend zone. The only people mad about being exiled to this imaginary place are guys who wanted to be more than friends, failed, and chose to soothe their broken egos by diverting the blame toward girls for setting boundaries. 

Self-deprecation is not the way to women’s hearts. You can’t “girls never want to date me” yourself into a night out with shawty. Guilt-tripping is unattractive, and nobody owes you anything.  

It’s time we stop letting self-proclaimed nice guys off the hook for their manipulative and ingenuine motives toward women. 

To the nice guys: the reason why she doesn’t want to f*** you isn’t because you’re too nice. Chances are, she wouldn’t want to f*** you if you were mean to her either.  Ol’ girl just isn’t into you. -Management.