Adult dependents are waiting on Biden’s plan

Millions of dependents are looking forward to the next wave of aid. Photo Courtesy:

As an adult-dependent that’s excited for Biden’s American Rescue Plan to be decided on, I feel conflicted as those plans are put on the backburner for the second Trump Impeachment Trial.

As the Senate currently debates the constitutionality of putting the former president on trial, I feel both anticipation and impatience as I hope there will be some form of justice for Trump’s rhetoric that took place Jan. 6, leading to the insurrection of the Capitol building and annoyed that the fate of the $1.9 trillion plan is being held off to decide Trump’s impeachment.

I believe that we shouldn’t rush to move past what took place on Jan. 6. As many are eager to brush past that day and the events that ultimately lead to that chaotic scene in Washington D.C., I believe as a nation we should understand the weight of that day and the possibility of it happening again if there aren’t real consequences for those individuals’ actions.

But as one of the 15 million depedents that was excluded, yet in need of the last two stimulus checks that millions of Americans received, I’m excited for a decision of Biden’s plan to be finalized.

I certainly don’t think that this one stimulus will fix our economy, or heal the wounds of unemployment, but certainly, it’s better than nothing. I was hired for a new job back in May 2020 and was only scheduled three times before ultimately quitting months later. Due to COVID-19, I’ve been solely relying on freelancing this year to give me the extra cash in my account. When Biden announced that his stimulus plan would include adult dependents, unlike the first two stimulus packages, I began devising plans of how to save and stretch the money until I get a more consistent stream of income.

Many college students are in similar positions as me, as they’re still claimed on their parent’s taxes even though they may have an independent source of income. And while I’m grateful to have parents that support me financially as I focus on my grades and part-time work, I know that overall there are plenty of adult-dependents who aren’t as well off as I am.

As many debates about wages and governmental assistance have swarmed in the past few weeks, I think it’s worth noting the other side’s take on government reliance and those who believe stimulus packages will lead to a slippery slope of lazy people who only look forward to their next check.

To those talking points, I would like to remind everyone that had our government acted more urgently and offensively when massive outbreaks in our nation began nearly a year ago, we wouldn’t be in a place now where millions of people are trying to recover from a foreclosure, homelessness, deferred dreams, hospital bills and more.

I believe that poverty and government reliance is always manufactured and not merely situations that lazy people tripped and fell into. And unfortunately, you can’t simply buy your way out of poverty.

As I cross my fingers that our representatives won’t filibuster and avoid a decision on the Trump impeachment and the stimulus package, I’m thinking of all the Americans who are eagerly waiting with me with even bigger needs.