What Rattlers are watching

Photo courtesy Breche’ Davalt

Renting movies from a local Blockbuster or Redbox has practically become extinct. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and HBO Max and the countless others are now more convenient than ever. Having access to your favorite shows anywhere at any time with a smart device is an ideal way to keep up with the latest shows and movies.

FAMU students are binge-watching the latest shows to keep up with what’s trending.

Jayla Stubbins, a resident assistant at FAMU Towers North, is enjoying the hit show Euphoria, on HBO Max with some of her residents.

“For me, ‘Euphoria’ puts life into perspective,” Stubbins said. “In some ways, the show is relatable to my personal life, which makes the show more appealing.”

“Euphoria” stars former Disney actress, Zendaya, who plays Rue, a drug-addicted teen struggling to stay sober while battling self-doubt, family issues and teenage romance. Stubbins recommends the show, as it helps viewers see life pass the surface level, but also warns viewers to proceed with caution, due to triggering scenes.

Other students like Nur Suleiman, a criminal justice student, are currently watching the Golden Globe awarded show, “The Crown,” on Netflix. Suleiman said she began watching it in 2016 during her junior year of high school and revisited it this season.

“The show started trending again, so I had to tune in,” Suileman said. “This most recent season on ‘The Crown’ introduces Princess Diana.”

Suliman has always been interested in Princess Diana’s legacy and tragic death.

“I think the Diana story is very interesting because of all of the conspiracies surrounding her death,” Suleiman said. “I recommend this show to everybody.”

Healthcare management student, Chandrahasa Srinivasa, loves Disney content because of its nostalgia.

Srinivasa is currently watching the show “Boy Meets World” a coming-of-age sitcom following Cory Matthews, which originally aired in 1993.

“Disney+ brought back all of the old shows that I used to watch as a kid,” said Srinivasa. “I used to watch ‘Boy Meets World’ a lot growing up, and it reminds me of my childhood days.”

Graduate student, Darnell Houck, doesn’t regularly watch television, but whenever he does, it’s his favorite anime show, “Attack on Titan”, streaming on Hulu.

“In the first of the season, the main character was oppressed,” Houck said. “In this final season, however, the main character becomes the oppressor.”

Houck isn’t excited to see the show coaching to an end.

“It is bittersweet to know the show is in its final season, since it’s been airing for about seven years,” Houck said. “Fans that are interested in complex characters as opposed to happy and stagnant characters, would love this show.”

Whether Rattlers are streaming content via Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max or one of the other countless streaming platforms, there’s a wide variety of shows, documentaries and films for every student’s pleasure.