Lean times for some nonprofits

Photo courtesy apanydonate.org

Many individuals and families are dependent on the strength of nonprofit organizations, especially during a pandemic. Nonprofits specialize in taking proceeds and sharing them with the community or people in need. In addition, nonprofits help shape the betterment of society in that they help facilitate camaraderie, food, shelter and education worldwide.

Nonprofits also assist in helping the economic growth of a nation’s market and promote leadership where it is most needed: our communities.

Anguilla Progressive Association of New York is a nonprofit organization that primarily reaches out to people of the indigenous land of Anguilla as well as Caribbean people for resources such as school supplies, food, and toiletries.

Jamal Carty, a volunteer at APNY’s Florida chapter, says that since the COVID-19 cases have risen in the United States shipping items has become more complicated.

“Due to its strong structure, we continue to strive in connecting Carribeans to their homelands but COVID-19 has not made things easy,” Carty said. “The halting of industries in the United States has had an adverse effect on the economy of the Caribbean islands especially the British West Indies. Many businesses that rely on foreign contracts and shipping have been forced to shut down either temporarily or indefinitely.”

With the impact of COVID-19, many in-person events are being halted due to health and safety precautions. Because the spread of the virus is so deadly, it would be devastating to lose the lives of hard working individuals who use their time trying to make better situations for others. This drawback in physical participation has made it difficult to fundraise.

The Nonprofit Leadership Center says that more than 64 percent of fundraising events have been canceled since the beginning of 2021. New business strategies are a must as the climate continues to change throughout the country.

As it relates to employees, nonprofit workers and volunteers have been forced to work with social distancing guidelines or simply from home. Being adaptable is a key factor in the ever changing workplace.

The local organization Big Bend Cares has been able to navigate through the rifts of COVID-19 and maintain a stable working environment. The use of COVID-19 regulations and social distancing guidelines has made for a seamless transition.

Nonprofit organizations have chosen to prioritize self care and financial stability to ensure that performance and community based projects are running smoothly. Despite disparities across the nonprofit community, organizations are still optimistic about their future endeavors.