Career and Internship Expo was a beneficial opportunity for students

Virtual Career and Internship Expo graphic Photo courtesy: 

This week, Florida A&M University Career and Professional Development Center presented the Spring 2021 All Majors Virtual Career and Internship Expo. The expo happened on Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For students who may have missed the expo and would be interested in more information about the Career and Professional Development Center, students can access their website, the Virtual Career and Professional Center.

“Probably the most significant new resource we have is our Virtual Career and Professional Development Center,” says Shereada Harrell, the former director. “This is an interactive site where students can manage how they would like to stay informed about our events and engaged with our office. You will see jobs, events, tools and the designated specialist’s contact information for that community.”

Assistant Director Marie Smallwood mentioned that many students prepare themselves for the expo by visiting FAMU’s online resources prior to the event.

“Many students took advantage of the events to help prepare them for the expo, but if not, I suggest that they visit our virtual site,” Smallwood said. “This website has plenty of resources and tutorials to virtually assist students to prepare for the upcoming expo.”

Students register through Handshake and choose what companies they are interested in visiting. There were 162 employers registered, 272 group sessions to choose from and 6927 one-on-one session options.

The expo went smoothly with no technical difficulties from the students or companies.

“While attending the expo virtually, everything went quite smoothly,” says Alysia Franklin, a business administration student. “I had no technical difficulties and neither did any of the companies I spoke to. It was nice to see that every speaker had their camera set up, and they were able to share their screens in order to show us their presentations.”

It was an important and beneficial opportunity for students who attended the expo.

“I think it is important for students to attend the expo to network with representatives from companies that we know and love,” Franklin said. “The speakers are helpful and even if you are not looking for a job, they can provide you with the necessary resources such as resume review, cover letter review, interview tips, etc. I always say that one can never stop improving so there is no reason not to participate in not only a free, but also a beneficial event such as this one.”

Smallwood added that meeting with companies will increase a student’s chance of obtaining a job.

“The students will have the opportunity to ask questions and pitch to the employers why they would be a great fit for their organization,” Smallwood said. “The ultimate benefit is the opportunity to get an internship or full-time job.”

For upcoming workshops and events, Career Center schedules can be found on their Virtual CPD Center. For more information about the Career and Professional Development Center, you can email or call 850-599-3700.