‘FitTok’ goes viral

TikTok created new agenda for fitness gurus. Photo Courtesy TikTok

TikTok continues to surge as the social media app steadily becomes the ultimate resource for millions.

As of late, TikTok — recently known to some as “FitTok” — has become an immediate hotspot for fitness gurus and influencers.

Influencer, YouTube creator and mother to TikTok’s newest workout regimen — 12-3-30 — Lauren Giraldo, has created quite a viral frenzy within the fitness community.

The 12-3-30 workout as of late has gained more than 12 million views on TikTok since its initial post on the app in November of last year. Giraldo’s valued workout consists of a set walking routine on a preferred treadmill at a 12% incline, a three mile speed, in intervals of 30 minutes.

Certified senior fitness specialist and registered nurse, Shay Clary, doesn’t quite agree with Giraldo’s workout plan.

“I am not a fan of this workout as it does not take into account the level of difficulty it may require for lay persons who are new to working out,” Clary said. “It also does not account for conditions such as knee pain, plantar fasciitis and back pain which may be exacerbated with this workout.”

Jeremy Smith, nutritionist coach and business owner of @Roger2fut via Instagram shared his slightly opposing thoughts.

“This workout is a good one for beginners. Anyone who is new to the gym may want to walk for less time so they do not overdo it,” Smith said. “Thirty minutes would be a great first milestone to reach with this type of workout. There are better alternatives to this, however, alternatives would depend on the individual’s fitness level.”

As promising as Giraldo’s work-out may sound to some, there are indeed other alternatives to losing unwanted weight and remaining healthy in the process.

According to Healthline, foods such as: whole eggs, leafy greens, salmon, cruciferous vegetables, lean beef and chicken breast, boiled potatoes, tuna, beans and legumes, soups and cottage cheese are weight-loss friendly foods.

On the opposite side of the healthy food spectrum toward staying healthy are replacement workouts other than the 12-3-30.

Clary recommends HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for fat loss, and weights to build muscle which burns fat.

Most tend to shy away from weights, but it is necessary to achieve a symmetrical tone body. Everyones goals are different and a plan has to be tailored to fit that individuals personal goals,Clary said.

Akilah Jackson, who earned a bachelor’s degree in pre-physical therapy and is CEO of @getfit_kilah, also sees high potential in the HIIT workout.

I generally recommend working out 3-5 days a week depending on experience, I usually do the HIIT workout,Jackson said. “Thirtyjumping jacks,10 push ups, 20 mount climbers, 20 crunches, 15 fire hydrants.

Although Giraldos 12-3-30 has become top priority in the fitness word, finding the best workout for yourself is endless. TikTok may have it all.