Two-Six Management aims to help artists thrive

Two-Six Management remembers number 26, Alfred L. Motlow lll. Photo courtesy D’Andre Bradley

Are you an artist looking to be properly managed into a successful career? Look no further: Two-Six Management is here. 

Based in Tallahassee,  Two-Six Management was created by 24-year-olds D’Andre Bradley, the CEO/manager, and Alphonso Robinson, co-owner. 

Born in Omaha but raised in Georgia, Bradley found his love for music in the Peach State. 

It was the sound of early 2000s music that allowed for music to find a place in his heart. R&B and hip-hop from this time were the start of his love for music, but it was his music production class in high school that caused his love to expand into a passion. 

Just as the start of many passions, Bradley decided that he would use this to fuel his drive in the future. After attending FAMU, then dropping out, Bradley was able to pursue his passion in music and find the inspiration for his company’s name. 

According to Bradley, the name of this company is influenced by Bradley’s “little bro,” Alfred L. Motlow lll, a FAMU colleague who passed away. As a member of the Big Brother Little Brother mentoring program, he was number 26 on his line, hence the “Two-Six” in Two-Six Management. 

“I took my love for mentoring, my keen ear for music, took my experience from two music internships at two big studios in Atlanta (LVRN and AMS Studios), and I started my management company,” Bradley said.

The management company was created with the goal for artists to be organized and provide them with the necessary resources to be successful in their careers. 

“The purpose of our company is to help elevate artists and get them in the door for the world to hear their music,” Bradley said. “Me and my partner Alphonso Robison wanted to create a management company that could help facilitate the dreams of the artists we signed.”

The artists who are being developed under Two-Six Management represent a variety of genres. According to Bradley, their artists range from hip-hop, R&B, country, soul and gospel. 

Artists under Two-Six management have come to appreciate the resources and potential they have gained under Bradley’s management.  

“Opportunities to showcase my artistry have come my way that wouldn’t have otherwise been available had it not been for Two Six ‘M,” said Kaleb Chadrick, a 22-year-old artist under Two-Six who’s also known as “Kozy Kae.” “They also offer valuable guidance that has helped me grow as an artist.”

Erika Johnson, who serves as Miss FAMU for the 2020-2021 school year, is another artist who thrives under the management of this company. 

“I have always had an undeniable passion for performance,” Johnson said. “This management has helped me pivot as a performer by helping me hone in on personal artist development and has allowed me to thrive with creative freedom.”

For anyone planning to find management in the Two-Six family, the co-founder has a message for you. 

“We really care about our artists so when we bring you on, we are bringing you into our circle,” Robinson said. “Let’s transition from making music to make music to making music to make money.”