Tallahassee residents brace for local protests

Tallahasee residents will be keeping an eye on the state Capitol in the coming days. Photo courtesy tallahassee.com

Is it possible that Florida’s state Capitol could become a mini-version of what took place last week in Washington?

The storming of the United States’ Capitol on Jan. 6 by Trump supporters caught the nation off guard. In an attempt to overturn Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential defeat, thousands of Trump protesters violently demonstrated their disapproval and outrage.

The massive mob of Trump loyalists quickly made their entrance through the Capitol doors as riots and violent attacks ensued. The uproar led to an escalation that resulted in five deaths and a lockdown at the nation’s Capitol.

Investigators have said they believe that some individuals are members of extremist associations.

 “A lot of different organizations participated in last week’s protest at the Capitol who strongly expressed their feelings. No one is certain which organizations were a part of the violence. I know people who attended but did not participate in violence. It’s hard to detect where it began. I think it’s really important not to rush to judgment or let the media alter anyone’s perspective,” said Tallahassee Republican Women’s Club member Cynthia Henderson.

Carmen Lofton, a journalist at the Black News Channel in Tallahassee, voiced similar sentiments.

“Honestly I was really disturbed the more I learned about last week’s attack at the Capitol. I knew something would happen but I didn’t necessarily believe it would be taken that far. It was uncivil and barbaric behavior to watch. I genuinely cannot see how anyone can justify those actions,” she said.

New information has been confirmed indicating that “armed protests” are projected at all 50 state capitals and the U.S. Capitol in Washington, leading into President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, according to an internal FBI bulletin reported by ABC News.

The Florida state Capitol has been a hot spot for political demonstrators to protest or march.

“No organization has extended an invitation to me for any upcoming rallies in Tallahassee. I don’t foresee any Trump supporters becoming violent. Tallahassee protesters are peaceful on both sides of the spectrum when they advocate in the downtown area. I have witnessed weekly organizations who are very peaceful and are no safety risk to the public,” Henderson said.

Kauvinsky Desance, a local photographer, believes in preparing for the worst. “I do believe there will be more violent encounters throughout all 50 states from Trump supporters. We should prepare for the worst but also stay vigilant. This is history in the making and we can’t afford to be caught unprepared,” he said.

In five days, Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as president and vice president. Trump rallies are anticipated to begin as early as Sunday at the state Capitol.

“I am hopeful that with the passing of the presidential election and the new administration coming into office that we will move forward. We must all find a way to move past this and protect our citizens,”Henderson said.