Academic coaches add workshops to their repertoire

FAMU’s academic coaching staff. Photo courtesy USSC Academic Coaches’ Facebook

Florida A&M University’s academic coaching unit is rolling out workshops to help students during the pandemic. The coaches say the workshops have been an effective method used to enhance students’ educational experience.  Education as we knew it changed significantly when COVID hit. The academic coaching unit wanted to find creative ways to engage students outside of their courses.  

Academic Coaching Coordinator Angela Blount said the academic coaching unit’s goal for the workshops is to help students all around. 

“The goal of the workshop is to help students cultivate good study habits, learn effective time management skills, and develop strategies on how to be a successful student. The workshops were created to supplement students’ educational experience,” Blount said. 

The first workshop was during summer 2020. Initially, they offered 1-2 workshops per week.  There were different speakers each week. Academic advisers or professors can volunteer to be on the panels.

“We need to get to all of the students” said Academic Adviser Jocelyn Hayden. 

  Hayden was a speaker for one of the workshops. It was a motivation workshop. She volunteered to speak about the importance of staying motivated, and how to keep going despite the conditions we are in. 

“Especially the time of this pandemic and Zoom. Motivation helps us stay encouraged, helps us realize why we are doing what we are doing and helps us keep pushing even if we don’t want to keep going,” Hayden said. 

Blount chooses speakers for the workshops based on their interests.

“I choose speakers based on their background, knowledge and expertise related to the topic. Our academic coaches have specific expertise and training. They all facilitate workshops.  We also collaborate with different departments on campus depending on the topic that will be covered.  We have worked with mental health professionals and advisers in the past,” Blount said.

The academic coaching unit offers workshops on a variety of topics such as time management, S.M.A.R.T goals, academic resources, mental health, staying motivated during difficult times, scholarships, preparing for graduate school and more.  

Upcoming workshop. Photo courtesy Angela Blount

Social work major Malikiya Hayes thinks that the workshops are beneficial for students.

“It teaches us about things we may not necessarily learn in class. I think the workshops offered are a great tool for students to help them, whether it’s about managing time, learning how to deal with stress, and getting to know the other resources here on FAMU’s campus,” she said.

Workshops are available for all classifications of students. They inform students via their social media platforms, FAMU INFO, istrike,  and direct email. 

Workshops will continue during the spring semester. Instead of 1-2 a week, they will offer 1-2 workshops per month as they have incorporated small groups into their program.

“We have a schedule and are excited about the topics that we will share this semester.  Our next workshop is on time management and scheduled for Jan. 21 at 2  p.m., ” Blount said. 

For more information, visit their Instagram page @famu_academiccoaches or contact Angela Blount at