On the Runwayvez

Brianna Alston in one of her outfits. Photo courtesy Alston

Having a great sense of fashion and the ability to put great outfits together isn’t a talent that everyone has. But for others, it comes as second nature. FAMU alumna Brianna Alston can do it with her eyes closed.

Alston, 23, was born and raised in Miami and moved to Tallahassee in 2016 to study sociology at Florida A&M University. She graduated in May with a degree in sociology and a minor in criminal justice. She plans to attend law school and become a criminal defense attorney.

While Alston awaits her career as a lawyer, she wants to try out different hobbies to occupy her free time.

“It’s inspiring seeing my friends and everyone on social media starting their own business,” Alston said. “At first, I wanted to sell hair, but I wanted to pick something that I actually had a passion for. I would help my friends put together outfits and watching my vision come to life was always exciting for me. That is how I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

After putting a few outfits together for family and friends, they suggested that it was something Alston should start taking seriously. She agreed and created an Instagram account to showcase her talent.

“Runwayvez” is the name of Alston’s brand. It’s a play on the words “runway” and “waves.” She has paired it with the slogan: “Life is a runway, let’s surf it.” It has caught the attention of many and she has already begun growing her clientele.

Alston’s grandmother talks about how lucky her (Alston) son is to have such a fashionista as his mother.

“I saw it in her at a young age,” Sandra Stewart, Alston’s grandmother, said. “She’s always had an eye for fashion and has always been the best dresser in the family. I’m sure her son will take after her.”

Imagine being a college graduate, a full-time employee, a stylist and a mother all at one time.

Alston gave birth to her son, Deon Jeffries Jr. in June 2019. At the time, she was still a full-time student, but she made it work with the help of her family and friends. Now that she has graduated, she plans on devoting her time to work, her son and becoming a professional stylist.

“I’m not where I want to be right now but I’m content for the meantime and my schedule works for me,” Alston said. “I think as my son gets older, things will get easier. I’m not worried at all. I can do this.”

Alston isn’t the only one who has high hopes for her. Her mother, Demetria Stewart, does as well. She is confident that her daughter will go on to do amazing things in the near future.

“I have this feeling that she is about to become a businesswoman and entrepreneur,” Stewart said. “I am so excited for her as she embarks on this journey to become a model or a high fashion stylist.”

Alston’s brand can be found and followed via Instagram @Runwayvez.