Newest rattler a show stopper

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On Nov. 18, the new rattler statue was finished being installed in front of Florida A&M’s Center for Access and Student Success building on Wahnish Way. The new rattler statue is a perfect way to represent the pride and symbolic greatness the school is best known for. 

The 8-foot-tall rattler sculpture was created by Jefferson County sculptor Brad Cooley Jr. FAMU reported that the 1,800-pound rattler statue cost about $112,000. Immediately after the statue was finished, it sparked conversations on social media. Students said they loved the idea of a new statue hitting “the hill.”

“The statue provides an everlasting reminder that we are the Rattlers also while cultivating the spirit within our student body,” said Kimani Jackson, the 21st Mr. FAMU.

Florida A&M gives the students more than just a first-rate education and connections for a lifetime. FAMU instills a sense of pride in its student body, alongside Black excellence. With the new statue, it is possible to depict all these factors and more.

In a news release, Vice President of Student Affairs William Hudson Jr. said, “The rattler embodies the spirit of the Florida A&M University community. This statue is more than a work of art. It serves as a reminder of who we are and what we can accomplish.” 

Erika Johnson, the 114th Miss FAMU, said, “The statue represents our rattler pride. It’s our very first rattler statue which is placed near the heart of the campus. This statue is a great addition to this rattler sanctuary.”

The statue adds a feeling of power to make students proud to be a Rattler. For 30,000 years statutes have been used to honor people or objects that have a huge impact; they are a symbolic meaning of pride.

“Seeing a statue on campus makes me proud to be a Rattler. When school gets hard, seeing a statue that represents why I am here will give me the motivation and push I need to keep gong,” said Ezekiel Johns, a student at Florida A&M.

FAMU has made several new adjustments to the campus. The statue in front of a signature building that is almost completed adds to the school’s image. The CASS building is going to be the new place for students to go for financial aid and other needs in order to be successful.

The statue was designed for students and tourists to be able to walk up and see it up close. The statue is going to be there for generations to come and will forever be an impactful monument that hits every Rattler’s heart a different way.