Atkinson turned a $50 investment into a multi-million dollar company

T.C. Atkinson is an entrepreneur and owns one of the most successful holistic brands, Embrace Pangaea. Photo courtesy Atkinson

Florida A&M University alumna T.C. Atkinson is the founder and CEO of Embrace Pangaea.

Atkinson initially started the company as a holistic apparel brand that she hoped would relieve her credit card debt. The company has evolved into a multi-million dollar business serving thousands of customers annually.

Her journey with Embrace Pangaea began in 2014 with a $50 investment and a chemistry and psychology degree from FAMU. It was at FAMU that Atkinson discovered her passion for holistic health and was moved to start her own business.

”It was through my interactions with students in the psychology program in which I came through a sisterhood program. In that program is where I reconnected with herbs,” said Atkinson.

“I was going through an imbalance within my body and because of that experience, at that time, that is what reintroduced me to herbs. (This) led to me healing myself and then offering (herbs) online to other women.”

Embrace Pangaea is an all-natural personal care brand that emphasizes holistic health through natural products. Atkinson’s line includes an array of herbal detoxes, soaps, feminine hygiene, deodorant, oral care and hair products. She also uses her chemistry background and research skills to actively formulate the products she sells.

The growth of Embrace Pangea can largely be credited to the quality of Atkinson’s products. A large majority of her customers leave detailed reviews explaining how Embrace Pangaea has transformed their lives and health.

“I’ve tried all kinds of feminine wash products, and NOTHING compared to this (Pangaea Feminine Wash)! I love the cooling sensation of the wash. I use it for daily showers, a refresher, after sex, and just whenever. I only wish this was offered in a bigger size,” Alexsandria Wilson-Sturgeon said in a Pangaea product review.

 For Yaya Mcintyre, Atkinson’s customer service has also played a significant role in the success of her business. Atkinson not only provides her customers with transparent product photos, descriptions and testimonials she also tests and uses her own products.

“I think her company speaks for itself. She is always looking out for others and comes straightforward and direct. She is a real authentic person (especially) when it comes to the people that work for her and her customers,” Mcintyre said.

“She has a diligent work ethic because when the coronavirus started and products were held up in customs she went on (Instagram) live and said: ‘Hey, things are held up at customs, but we are trying to get them to you.’ She tried to find different sources for her customers to get them the proper products at a decent time.”

In the past year, Atkinson has grossed more than $3 million in sales. However, this is only the beginning and she plans to enter a new tax bracket by 2021.

“My goal next year is (to make) nine figures just to show that it can be done. Just to prove to people who look like me and come out of the African-American and African experience that you don’t have to be on the struggle bus if you are passionate about your craft,” said Atkinson.

Embrace Pangaea also serves as a pillar in various communities. The company has several outreach programs including affording 120 underserved students in Jamaica with breakfast daily. In 2017 she also launched the My Health Is My Wealth scholarship. The scholarship awards two FAMU students annually and assists them with tuition, fees and books. Both the scholarship and the breakfast are funded by a portion of Embrace Pangaea sales.

These programs are not just philanthropic endeavors but are mediums helping Atkinson to continue to pour into others. Embrace Pangaea, as we know, is only the start and Atkinson plans to continue developing and pushing her brand forward.

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