Review: I’ll be going back to Tin Lizzy’s

Tin Lizzy’s specializes in what it calls FlexMex. Photo courtesy @tinLizzy’s Instagram account

Located on Madison Avenue in the heart of College Town between Township and Little MASA sits Tin Lizzy’s Cantina. It is a restaurant that strives to bring you the best tacos in Tallahassee, and it offers thirst-quenching cocktails, friendly service, lively music and eclectic cuisine.

In 2005 three longtime friends and FSU alums opened Tin Lizzy’s in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, giving their guests a unique taqueria with service rooted in genuine hospitality. Tin Lizzy’s quickly became a popular place to meet friends for refreshing margaritas and delicious FlexMex cuisine. Soon after, other neighborhoods wanted their own Tin Lizzy’s, according to Tin

I decided to go to Tin Lizzy’s earlier this week for taco Tuesday. You have the option to pay for parking on the street — you pay for the meter — or you can park in the parking garage. Both of those options require you to pay. I ended up finding a park on the street. I had to download the parking app called Parkmobile. The signs on the street tell you step by step what to do for parking for 1 hour. I paid $4 for an hour.

It wasn’t very busy when I arrived. I was met by a greeter who told me to scan the barcode on the counter to get the menu due to the COVID pandemic. The scan code sent me immediately to Tin Lizzy’s website.

The restaurant’s atmosphere was amazing. The menu had every type of taco you can think of: steak and Philly cheese, Southern comfort, low country boil, Korean barbecue and much more. The menu also offered skillets and appetizers such as buffalo, dip, tin dip, buttermilk marinated chicken tenders and much more.

Everything on the menu looked delicious. It took me a few minutes to decide on what I wanted. I asked the server to tell me some of their favorite things. The server pointed me in the direction of the steak and Philly tacos. They came with grilled steak, queso blanco, grilled peppers and onions. So I ordered this for my dinner. I ordered three tacos. Each taco is $4 and I also ordered an appetizer which was buffalo shrimp.

While I waited for my food, I watched TV on one of the flat screens I was sitting in front of. There were many TVs in the restaurant. There is a bar right when you walk in to the left. Many people who were there were saying amazing things about the TLC margarita, which includes Goza Blanco Tequila, Orange Liqueur, Citrus Mix.These wonderful drinks are for those 21 and over.

My food didn’t take long to come out. The buffalo shrimp came first and it was delicious. The shrimp was good and delicious. My buffalo sauce was definitely there and it had a kick and I loved it. The dip also came with coleslaw. Not long after the buffalo shrimp came out my tacos arrived at the table. There was a lot of steak, queso running out of the taco and onions. The tacos were stuffed and looked delicious.

The food tasted even better. I was very pleased. The steak and onions were well seasoned. I will definitely be back to this restaurant.

If you are looking for a good taco spot with different types of tacos and a great atmosphere, Tin Lizzy’s is the place for you to go. More information on the restaurant can be found at or @Tinlizzystally on Instagram.