DaCari Taylor starts podcast to impact younger generation

DaCari Taylor at the Dade Street Lawrence Gregory Community Center. Photo by Aliyah Taylor

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, countless individuals picked up hobbies in quarantine, thought of new ways to communicate, spread joy, news, create businesses, and more.

DaCari Taylor, a junior physical therapy student at Florida A&M from Tallahassee, created a podcast geared toward prominent voices in his hometown.

Many people are inspired by celebrities and dream of reaching the level of success that they attain; Taylor is inspired by the influential voices in his community.

“I was really trying to reach out to people who have done positive things in the community and give them an opportunity to tell their story, hoping it inspires somebody else,” Taylor said. “I feel like there are a lot of different stories that people could learn from.”

NoTime 4 Cap is the name of the podcast.

“It means real serious, real stories, and the four is a significant number when it comes to my neighborhood and being from where I’m from,” Taylor said.

NoTime 4 Cap is aimed for listeners in college and younger. The podcast features guests who have grown up in the Tallahassee area.

Taylor wants to influence the younger generation with stories told by older people in the community who have been through trials and tribulations, and then made a remarkable impact.

Taylor has interviewed state Representative Ramon Alexander, McDonald’s All-American nominee LaNiyah Lee and Rickards High School basketball coach Chariya Davis.

“When I do my interviews, I do research on the guests first, but majority of the people that I interview are people that I already know. They are all individuals who have made a positive impact and are still making positive moves in Tallahassee,” Taylor said.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Taylor conducts his interviews through Zoom.

“I set up a Zoom link, I ask them if I can record and then after that I go back and edit the videos with Adobe premiere pro,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s ultimate goal and purpose for NoTime 4 Cap is to give his audience insight from the stories and journeys that his guest went through and how they got to the position that they are at now.

“A lot of people have been in their situations and were able to make something out of it. Just because you are in a certain point in your life doesn’t mean that’s going to be your forever,” Taylor said. “Don’t let that situation define you at that moment. You can always body it and make something out of it.”

“I’ve learned a lot from DaCari and his podcast,” Jabari Kelly said. “He is very informative, I really take heed of what he tells me in this podcast. I gained a lot from his interview with Mr. Ramon that I can take with me in the long run.”

“DaCari’s podcast has helped me better myself as a young African American man in this world, I have acquired a lot knowledge from his conversations and the people he interviews,” Myles Kenon said.

Taylor enjoys interviewing strong voices in his community, because it provides others with useful information and allows his audience to see the pathways that other people made to get to where they are.

He is not sure how long he plans to continue his podcast; he is just getting started and hopes to keep it going until he graduates in spring 2022.

“It was really spontaneous, just something that I wanted to do,” Taylor said. “As long as people keep learning from it, and it keeps having a positive impact on others, I’m going to keep sharing these stories.”