This virus is extremely real

Writer Heaven Jones. Photo courtesy Jones

Many of us have adopted the COVID-19 virus into our everyday routines. Since restrictions have lifted many have attended parties, stopped wearing a mask and even called the virus a hoax.

With death tolls reaching new daily heights and the amount of positive results appearing across the U.S., the virus is nothing to joke about.

My partner recently became an essential worker at a rehabilitation center that mostly caters to elderly patients. With a spike in COVID cases across Tallahassee, the facility enforces weekly testing for residents and staff.

 Since many patients are considered high risk and some even have the virus, they have gathered staff who specifically work with COVID patients. With he and others working with that specific group they are now at a heightened risk of catching the virus.

How would you feel if your partner, friend, roommate or family member tested positive? How would you react if you were in the same room when they received the news? What immediate precautions would you take?

These are important questions that are a part of our everyday reality. Last Friday, Nov. 13, they became a part of mine.

My partner received a call that slowly turned his face pale. His job relayed the news that he tested positive and that they will keep him updated if he will receive paid leave. Ten minutes later the Department of Health called to alert him of the positive case.

Upon hearing that he tested positive I immediately rang with fear. Since the virus has been adapted into our lives as “the new normal,” I became desensitized.

After making my friends, family, roommates and jobs aware that I had been exposed, I quickly went to get tested and received a negative result. Yes, I was relieved.

We have a plague-like virus that has become so adopted into our life, and many just treat it like a cold. This illness has changed and taken many lives, and due to our current system will continue to.

Although I am glad for my partner’s and my health, knowing that this virus is unpredictable is nerve-wracking.

While quarantining I realized how many people don’t take the virus serious and that it will most likely be acclimated into our lives.

I also thought of my friends. I saw how over the course of time I was exposed and how I could’ve been at risk. Knowing that they all tested positive they also felt the fear of being in a hardship.

This virus has affected the lives of many but it has allowed me to see that this virus is extremely real.