Kimbria’s Kreations develops a following

Kimbria Michel, CEO of Kimbria’s Kreations. Photo courtesy Michel

Several months in quarantine have inspired many to rediscover passions, do a lot of self-reflection, and pick up new skills. New YouTube channels, hobbies, and self-care routines finally had the time and opportunity to blossom as weve all been stuck at home.

Kimbria Michel, a freshman psychology student at FAMU, credits the pandemic for motivating her to start her own business, Kimbrias Kreations.

Despite being the daughter of a hairstylist herself, Michel is completely self-taught. Back when she was just 16, she watched enough YouTube videos to do her own hair successfully. After consistent compliments on the soft locs shed done on herself this past summer, Michel decided to take things a little more seriously once she got on the “hill.” As soft locs and butterfly locs still dominate the Black hair scene, Michels initial expectation of one appointment every week has quickly been surpassed.

Back in September, if you wouldve told Michel shed be doing hair everyday from her dorm room, she probably wouldnt have believed you. Three months and more than $3,000 later, she doesnt go a day without a client. Though she never expected to come to FAMU and become a hairstylist, Michel is no stranger to the importance of a side hustle.

Kimbria’s business page. Photo courtesy @KimbriasKreations on Instagram

I already have my job, I dont have to go out and apply anywhere,the Orlando native said. Or stress about meeting their expectations or working with their schedule.

Instead, Michel is proudly her own boss.

Kimbrias Kreations boasts nearly 400 followers on Instagram and offers faux locs in just about every length and style imaginable. Looking ahead, Michel has aspirations to add knotless braids to her list of services, design a fully functional website, and provide hair for her clients. When it comes to short-term goals, Michel plans to establish a more aesthetic feed on her social media and further grow her following.

Not too different from your average college freshman, Michel is still learning to balance her social life, classwork, and now, an entire business.

I had no off days and I didnt even notice I was doing that,” Michel said.

As unexpected as her business and its success may seem to Michel, those close to her know it was only a matter of time.

Kims always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Its something my family talks about all the time. Shes one of the few people I know who have the drive to be successful at whatever,” Briana Michel, Kimbrias sister, said.

What can I say? The girl is a boss. We were raised by a boss. Its in her. My little sister always has and continues to inspire me.