AMC Theaters are renting out their entire movie theaters for group screenings; a success or flop?

Movie-goers abide by the CDC guidelines by wearing masks and social distancing. Photo courtesy

There’s some good news for all movie-goers who have been deprived of the viewing experience due to the pandemic. AMC Theaters announced that they are renting out their theaters for private group screenings starting at $99, and it is already a huge hit.

Across the country, many movie theaters temporarily or permanently closed their doors due to the spread of COVID-19. With new guidelines and rules for social gatherings and businesses, AMC Theaters discovered a clever idea that was safe and would satisfy their loyal customers. Older and newer releases like “Freaky,” “Girls Trip,” “Tenet,” “John Wick” and more are available to choose from.

AMC’s website provides a “Safe & Clean” category available to navigate through in order to show customers all the new safety precautions put in place for a stellar experience.

“In auditoriums with AMC Signature Recliners, our new ticketing technology will block the seats on either side of your selection, and there is already enough space between rows to allow for social distancing,” the website listed.

The company would require CDC approved masks only, and they are to be worn at all times. In order to encourage social distancing in the theater, the private screenings can have a max of 20 guests per event. The theater also banned any outside food or drink and limited their concessions to prevent guests from removing their masks.

The company is adamant about adhering to the guidelines set by the CDC, and their customers are adapting well. Customers like Takaia Mallet, a 22-year-old student at Florida State University, enjoy the idea of AMC renting out their theaters.

“I am an avid movie-goer,” Mallet said. “I think renting out the theater with some friends sounds like a great idea.”

Mallet, who is also a Special Events Director at the FSU Askew Student Life Center shared her thoughts on why many people are choosing not to risk a trip to the movies.

“All of my friends go together to see the big movies,” Mallet said. “But there’s no movies worth going to right now.”

The downside of the $99 group rentals is that there is a small selection of movies to watch, especially since movie productions across the world have been put on hold this year due to the spread of the virus. Jazmyne Farmer, a student at Tallahassee Community College, recently enjoyed a girls night out at the theater and would enjoy a private movie screening, regardless of the virus.

“We all hopped in our cars, went to the movie, and really had a great time.” Farmer said.

Farmer mentioned how it is a great idea for anyone who wants to have an intimate gathering with their friends, romantic partners or just some good family time.

Although some may enjoy the privacy and safety of their home and choose to stick to Netflix, Hulu or Disney+, AMC Theaters has provided a creative option for a family or group of friends.