Reid’s hard work is rewarded

Larry Reid III is a recent FAMU grad. Photo courtesy Reid

Larry Reid III is proof positive that you can land a job that you love.

Reid, a Florida A&M University alumnus, had a long road to get to his dream job of being a project manager for the local cannabis company Trulieve. At first, the Pensacola native gained an internship his senior year as a safety and construction intern, but shortly after his graduation in 2019 the internship wasn’t ideal anymore.

“After I graduated, I needed to get paid. I was in the process of trying to move in with my girlfriend and with her still being in school I felt like I needed to step it up and find a stable job,” Reid said. “I was trying to be patient with FAMU because I know they would have given me more money if they could, but I had to look elsewhere.”

After his patience with his internship finally ran out, Reid had no other choice but to upload his resume onto LinkedIn and wait until the perfect opportunity came.

He had almost given up hope when his dream job came calling.

After getting a call from a recruiter for a cannabis company in Denver saying that he was qualified for an open position as a project manager for Trulieve in Tallahassee, Reid was ecstatic, in disbelief, and most of all, he was relieved.

“I felt like the next chapter had finally started. I went from working two jobs at Jimmy Jazz and my internship, and sometimes even Door Dash on the side for extra money, to having a job in my desired field, which is cannabis industry,” Reid said.

Once Reid gained his composure, he immediately told his girlfriend, Kambriel Yancey.

“I was so happy he finally got the job he wanted,” said Yancey.  “I was praying that he got not just a job but a career in the field he wanted. Plus, after not getting what he wanted from his internship opportunity and us trying to move in together, we needed that blessing.”

One of Reid’s best friends since his freshman year, Jeremy Pruitt, was also proud of Reid’s accomplishment.

“I was excited because we’ve been friends since freshman year and I know what he’s been through. Seeing your brother do what he’s passionate about — something that he worked toward through all types of adversity, is just amazing. We came in as boys and left as men, and the man that he has become is incredible,” Pruitt said.

Reid has come a long way and it took a lot of patience and work to get where he is today. He has been living his dream with Trulieve for six months now, and he is eager to continue growing in his field.