Five activities to do before the end of fall

COVID has put a stop to a lot of things, but the fall festivities must go on. Photo by Maddy Baker with

The pandemic definitely put a halt to many activities this year. Modifications to everyday activities have been made, and people are learning to be creative in hopes of finding gaiety in such dark times. We are officially in fall, with the holiday season just around the corner.

Although the pandemic has stopped many things, there are still ways to enjoy this fall season. Here are five COVID-safe activities you can participate in this year.


Sitting around a crackling fire with a small group of friends is an undeniable good time. In the crisp fall night air, a bonfire is perfect for getting warm while also having a good time. In addition to the fire, if the venue allows it, watching a movie with a projector is a way to add more fun to the bonfire activity. For a snack, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores is also befitting. Outside activities are always the way to go during this pandemic. You can remain safe while also having a good time with a few friends. Bonfires are a perfect activity for the fall season where social distancing can easily be implemented. 

Picnic in the park with fall-themed food

Whether you are planning a day with your significant other, several friends or just yourself, a picnic with “fall foods” is the perfect date. Your favorite spiced pies, caramelized vegetables, sandwiches, cider or some fruit and jam would all meet the standards of the fall-themed outing. Pinterest offers  many fall-themed recipes and snack ideas for picnics. Along with fall comes pleasant weather; when the sun is out and the breeze is moderate, having a picnic would be ideal. The weather in Tallahassee thus far has been relatively pleasant ranging between 70 and 80 degree weather, so take advantage of it.

Virtual bake off

Due to COVID-19, many events that we would have once enjoyed in person we now force ourselves to enjoy them virtually. Baby showers, gender reveals, birthday parties , etc., are all events that have relocated to Zoom. A virtual bake off can be added to that list during the fall season. Rounding up a group of friends on Zoom and baking your favorite fall dessert is a creative spin to a traditional activity. Although you won’t be able to taste everyone else’s dish, a virtual bake-off is still an innovative way to mingle and achieve a variation of human interaction during isolation. 

Farmers’ market

Local farmers’ markets have always been a way to get a hold of local produce and goods. During the fall many markets have numerous seasonal items: spices, baked goods, jams and jellies, pumpkins, etc. Not only is fresh produce available, but goods like candles, jewelry and various plants can be found there too. The Frenchtown Farmers’ Market is live every Saturday and it offers many products and goods. The market is a great morning activity as the tents are set up in the area from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Also, being that the event is outside and the tents are spread throughout the area you can remain safe and socially distanced.


Another great aspect of fall is the foliage. During the fall, leaves transition to the autumn leaf color, leaving trees full of different hues of orange and yellow. Many local farms provide hayrides through corn mazes and along surrounding trails. A hayride would be ideal for seeing the effects of the weather change on nature. Not only do many local farms offer hayrides, but they often allow visitors to interact with some of the animals — perfect fall photo opportunity. Although many farms and mazes close the day after Halloween, many remain open until the middle of November allowing a lot of time for you to capture some of fall’s prettiest moments.