Simmons donates his time to FAMU’s wrestling team

Frederick Simmons is a volunteer coach with FAMU’s wrestling team. Photo courtesy Simmons

Fredrick Simmons is the marketing and recruiting coordinator at Florida A&M University’s College of Science and Technology. Simmons also works with the wrestling team as the assistant coach alongside head coach Thomas White.

In 2007, Simmons graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from FAMU. He completed his master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Florida State University in 2012.

Simmons’ career at Florida A&M began in 2014. “When an opportunity presented itself to make more money and add freedom with my job, I took it,”Simmons said.

In 2003, FAMU’s wrestling team was started. Simmons began working with the team in 2008. He fell in love with helping the students not only with their academics but with a low-profile club sport that he loved. Simmons has also dedicated his life to service along with being a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

“I became much more confident not only as a wrestler but in my daily life as well,” said Jaden Vilvert, a third-year sociology major and a nationally ranked wrestler.

Simmons enjoys interacting with the wrestlers and the men and women who volunteer with the club. He said he takes pride in seeing them graduate and go on in life.

Although the wrestling team at FAMU is not a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and neither of the coaches are paid; their exceptional wrestlers have gained a reputation for the team.

Leo White, a third-year engineering student at FAMU, has been a dedicated member of the wrestling team. “I came to the wrestling team interested in improving my skills and now I am a national qualifier. I am grateful for how much I have grown,” White said.

The Rattlers have a competitive schedule wrestling against Division I and Division II schools like the University of Central Florida, and several other universities.

“I appreciate what the FAMU wrestling team and coaches instilled in me,” said Emmanuel Childs, a graduating senior.

“Hopefully five years from now, we can get our wrestling alumni to get more effective in raising funds so we can provide opportunities for students to continue competing at the collegiate level.”

Their goal is to offer scholarships to students active on the team along with volunteers.

Simmons says he plans to remain in Tallahassee while going back to school to get a certificate in head leadership. He said he would like to move up to an administrative position at FAMU.