A guide to thrifting in Tallahassee

Photo by Noella Williams

Buying second-hand clothing and furniture is extremely common nowadays, especially for college students or shoppers on a budget.

In addition, the fast fashion industry heavily and negatively impacts the environment. Therefore, thrift shoppers are opting out of the wasteful route of shopping for new clothing and taking advantage of unique finds at thrift stores.

With many options available for thrift shopping, the question remains — what makes a quality thrift store? Florida State University student Dante LoCicero enjoys shopping at the Goodwill bins, since they have an unexpected selection each visit with unbeatable prices.

“I appreciate places that have a wide selection of things and that get new stock in frequently,” LoCicero said. “I also think that it is important that thrift stores don’t overprice items, as this can make it more difficult for people who rely on thrift stores for clothes to be able to afford the things that they need. I have been thrifting all my life, and I have seen many thrift stores raise their prices as thrifting becomes more popular among a wealthier crowd. I think a good thrift store should be considerate of the community they are in and keep prices fair.”

The conversation of gentrification among thrift stores has been a hot topic, since thrifting is becoming more socially acceptable and common, especially with the popularity of reselling apps like Depop.

While thrift shopping, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the frequent amount of oversized sweaters, mom jeans and visibly worn out shoes. Alas, with precious time and energy, it is possible to find a one-of-a-kind, vintage item while digging through endless clothing racks. Are you unsure of how to start thrifting but eager to find your one-of-a-kind treasure? Tallahassee has an abundance of thrift stores, whether it’s a Goodwill or locally owned business.

City Walk Urban Mission

Located on busy Monroe Street, City Walk is a common favorite among students in town. With their seemingly endless selection of clothing items, it is completely possible to spend at least an hour searching through clothing racks. Their website states that monetary donations and donated items all funnel money toward their ministry.

Florida A&M University student Simone Sadler keeps an eye out for unique treasures while thrifting at stores like City Walk Urban Mission.

“I search for whatever catches my eye,” Sadler said. “I’ve thrifted home decor and kitchen supplies, but I always look for vintage Black owned brands/designers, such as PellePelle, Meoshe, Willi Smith, Fubu.”

New to the Tallahassee area, California native Torrey Van Winden scans the decorations and furniture section at the store for rare finds, but she also supports the store for its community drive.

“It’s nice to see thrift stores like City Walk give back to their local community,” Van Winden said. “They feed the homeless every Wednesday night after their weekly half-off the entire store sale.”

You can visit City Walk at 1105 N Monroe St.

The Fix Thrift Shop

This thrift store hidden within Cross Creek Plaza has an eclectic collection of knick-knacks, clothing, decor and more within their tiny shop. The nonprofit uses its entire proceeds toward spay and neuter surgeries for cats and dogs.

You can visit The Fix Thrift Shop at 1208 Capital Circle Southeast, Unit D.


The Goodwill on Apalachee Parkway. Photo by Noella Williams

As a familiar name to most, Goodwill reigns as the superior thrift spot in town with its seven locations, including an electronics store and two bookstores.

Florida State University student Egypt Craighton enjoys an organized thrift store like Goodwill to spice up her wardrobe.

“I like that Goodwill takes the time to organize their stores in size order,” Craighton said. “Personally, it’s more difficult for me to shop in a cluttered environment, so organization makes thrifting less intimidating.”

Craighton uses her thrifted fabric to upcycle secondhand clothing into handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. Not every trip is successful for her, although she does have a tip for beginners.

“I feel like the key to thrifting is to go with an open mind and not look for specific things because you most likely won’t find it,” Craighton said. “If you are going to search for something, I would suggest looking for denim jackets, flannels and cardigans. Thrift stores usually have a wide variety of outerwear.”

The Good Samaritan Super Thrift

This recently opened store is home to many antiques, vintage clothing items, books and furniture. Florida A&M University student Linney Osias enjoys shopping at The Good Samaritan, since it’s very organized and welcoming.

“Their prices are very affordable, and the clothing is versatile. I don’t always feel like I’m shopping in a conservative Christian store,” Osias said.

You can find The Good Samaritan at 2706 N.Monroe St.

The thrift stores listed above represent a handful of the stores located across town. Others include The Other Side Vintage, Savvy Salvage, Community Thrift, The Living Harvest, Lighthouse Children’s Thrift, and the Salvation Army.