Student Senate confirms circuit judge for law school

Photo courtesy FAMU SGA

Florida A&M University’s Student Senate filled another position during its weekly Zoom meeting Monday evening. After getting through the standard committee reports and announcements, the candidate for the FAMU College of Law associate circuit court justice, Maya Hendry, was confirmed.

The candidate was provided a two-minute opening and closing period for remarks. The opening was followed by a 10-minute question and answer session, initiated by Elections and Appointments Committee chairwoman Maya Robinson, followed by other senators.

The candidate answered questions about courtroom procedure, the composition of the law school circuit court, composition of the judicial branch, and the duties of the position.

Hendry is from West Palm Beach, and is in her second year at FAMU’s College of Law. Hendry said she was excited to be present at the senate meeting and to serve her student body.

“My general judicial philosophy is to be fair, patient and to have a level of empathy for people who come into the courtroom,” Hendry said. “Everybody comes into the courtroom with an issue. I believe it’s the judge’s role to use the law that they have to help resolve that issue for the parties involved,” she added. “I want this position to expand my leadership experience. I genuinely love the courtroom experience and the judicial proceedings; I look forward to assuming my position as law school circuit judge.”

Hendry expounded on how her passion and knowledge of the law would serve as an important asset for the Judicial Branch at the FAMU College of Law. Some of the duties of Hendry’s position will include attending the sessions, presiding over hearings, and reviewing and ruling on motions.

The appointment was concluded with 16 for and 0 against. In her two-minute closing Hendry took the time to acknowledge senators for the confirmation.

During reports and announcements, the Internal Develop Select Committee chairwoman, Makira Burns, announced that they will be pushing back the senate bonding event because of Tuesday’s presidential election. A bill writing training day is set for 12 p.m. Nov. 14.

“We thought this would be a good time because it will be right after the senate training day which takes place at 10 a.m. the same day,” Burns said.

The Organization & Finance Committee chairman, Amon McKinney, reported the completion of activities and service workshop.