Tant hopes to win District 9 House seat

Allison Tant. Photo courtesy Colin Hackley

With election day at hand, Allison Tant, a Democrat, is looking to continue her advocacy work in the statehouse as a House Representative for district nine. If Tant wins, she will be one of the few Democrats in a Republican led legislature.

Tant is a native Floridian, born in Jacksonville and an alumna of Florida State University. Previously, Tant has served as state chair of the Florida Democratic Party for four years, from 2013 to 2017.

With the pandemic creating more hardships for people, Tant has already taken action by supporting the Cares Act. Tant is an advocate for law enforcement reform.

For many years, Tant has proven that she cares for a healthy community and wants to see Tallahassee thrive. Tant is looking to create more shelters and safer spaces for neighborhoods. Tant is also the founder of KEYS (Keys to Exceptional Youth Success) which is a scholarship for students with disabilities. Allison Tant’s campaign covers many issues such as women’s rights, saving the environment, law reform, and equality.

“Allison Tant’s campaign represents those without a voice who deserve a fair and fighting chance to build a life for themselves and their families. If elected to the Florida House, Allison will fight to expand benefits and services for disabled individuals, she will protect our state workers and Florida’s environment, and will work to better our education system including fighting to get better pay for our teachers,” said her campaign manager Tobey Houston.

FAMU student, Imani Jackson, is confident that Tank will do a good job in the office.

“She does everything she can in her power to do what’s right for Tallahassee. She is finding clues and different ways to provide for needy children,” Jackson said.

FAMU alumnus Landon Tucker is excited to see someone like Tant in the run.

“When I think of someone in Congress, I think of someone that is trustworthy, hardworking and possesses a sense of integrity… Allison Tant’s experience with the disabled, more particularly ‘at-risk’ citizens, gives me a sense of ease when considering candidates. Knowing that she has prior fundraising experience is nice. Along with the complimenting soft skills, she could very likely be a great candidate to look out for during the election,” said Tucker.

In her race to the House of Representatives, Tant is challenged by Republican candidate Jim Kallinger.