Some are wary as vaccine trials move forward

Photo courtesy Google

COVID-19 is far from over, but a vaccine is closer than we might think.

Reports have stated that by the year 2021 participants who choose to test out the vaccine may be eligible to do so as early as January, but it may not be until the year 2022 that life begins to go back to normal.

There are currently 59 coronavirus vaccines in various stages of clinical trials, with only a small number ready to apply for approval. Once the drug has been approved, it will take time to make and distribute it. Not everyone will be able to receive the vaccine at once.

Florida this week unveiled a three-phase plan for distributing the vaccine, beginning with first-responders.

There is still no word on when the vaccine will be available to the general public, The Florida Department of Health is already making plans to give injections to residents across the state.

There is a three-phase approach to distribute the vaccine that will ensure the most vulnerable populations,  including the elderly are first in line to receive shots along with first-responders. Phase two is when the public can expect the vaccine to be available in places such as pharmacies, hospitals and  physicians’ offices at locations across the state.

“I feel uneasy about the COVID vaccine and if it’s anything like the flu shot, I will not be taking it,” Joshua Cosby, a student at FAMU, said.

The Food and Drug Administration  reported in June that any vaccine that does not work at least half the time will not be approved. Scientists began to question weather that is an obtainable and effective goal.

Since the news of the vaccine broke, many are questioning if this is the safest option and if taken, will it put an end to the coronavirus once and for all. Many students have concerns as school as more classes are shifting to in-person next semester, and the flu season is right around the corner.

“I feel like the vaccine being given to the public is rushed and not trustworthy, and based on what I’ve seen about the vaccines in trial, they haven’t been very successful. I personally would not take the vaccine that wasn’t approved by the FDA or CDC,” said Florida State University student Kayla Joseph.