How Rattlers are spending their weekends during a pandemic

Illustration of hobbies Photo courtesy

Although we are still living through a global pandemic, people continue to find ways to go out and travel to public spaces or have events. Mostly college students, regardless of COVID-19, continue to socialize with others.

Florida A&M University students continue to gather for events and parties, not necessarily caring for the deadly virus. Now that Governor Ron Desantis has allowed all restaurants and bars to be open in Florida, this gives students the green light to go out more during the weekend, even though you still have to wear a mask once you enter a business. Whether it is an arcade, bar or a skating rink, COVID-19 is not stopping FAMU students from enjoying their time out.

Students like Jalen M. McClees, a third-year business administration scholar from Tallahassee, Fla., enhance their physical skills and mental wellness by working out.

“Due to COVID-19, there’s not much we can do, but this time has given me a lot of time to enjoy one of my hobbies, roller skating,” McClees says. “I usually go Thursday-Saturday after I leave work or finish schoolwork. It’s also helped me get to know different people and learn new moves and tricks.”

During a heavy workload and busy semester, students also spend their weekends resting and resetting to prepare for the next week. Broadcast journalism student Arriell Drayton likes to work out and clean, which helps her practice self-care and cleanliness.

“On Fridays, I study and go to the gym and always clean. It’s a routine that’s like a reset for the week for me.” Drayton said.

However, new students to the Tallahassee area, like transfer students and freshmen, have an unfair advantage when it comes to knowing their surroundings and having a group of close friends in their new home. Psychology major Cindy Luc, left her home and came to college in an entirely different environment.

“During the start of the semester, I did not have any activities to do because I am a transfer student, but as time progressed, I have learned to loosen up and meet people,” Luc said. “Every week, we go out or just hang out in my home. We would go bowling, skating or have brunch. It didn’t matter where or what we did, as long as we were safe and having fun, since we enjoyed what we did, regardless of COVID-19.”

Since the pandemic has no definite end, students must be creative with their ways to entertain themselves while staying safe. With an abundance of parks, arcades and family-friendly centers, Tallahassee offers many opportunities to enjoy your leisure time.