How creatives can bounce back from a block


Sometimes creatives become uninspired. Photo courtesy

Many people create, and they all have different processes that work for them. Creatives of all kinds often encounter blocks in creativity. However, there are some strategies or practices that creatives use to overcome their creative blocks.

Jamie Dawson is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She studied psychology and Afro American studies, and she is also a poet.

Dawson describes her creative process as responsive, picking up topics for poems from everyday occurrences and conversations. Sometimes she does encounter blocks in creativity, and she uses that time to take a slight step back yet stay sharp.

“It’s okay to feel uninspired. I make blocks a time for focusing on small mini projects and observing other people in the craft. That way, I’m ready when inspiration does come back,” said Dawson.

Mia Uzzell is a sophomore broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University. She is also the Managing Editor of the student publication, Journey Magazine. She often has to write articles herself and come up with article ideas for writers on her team.

Uzzell, as a journalist, says that it is important to give yourself creative liberty before you start to revise. She chooses to let the thoughts flow and craft the story. When she encounters writer’s block, she uses that time to try and consider different types of stories.

“I often remind myself to look for the stories that impassion me in proximity to me rather than value stories that will garner virality. I love translating my personal space in life and imbuing my stories with it,” said Uzzell.

Jelani Wheeler is a senior public relations student at FAMU. He is a singer and songwriter under the name Jelani Malek.

He does not have a specific process, but he tries to create whenever the inspiration comes. He also tries to create during the day when he has more energy. When he experiences blocks, he usually just tries changing things up around him.

“In times where I feel I have creative blocks I try to change up my routine in order to perceive the world differently. Changing up my location also helps when trying to create new ideas,” said Malek.

Briana Yewell is a junior graphic design student at FAMU. She, unlike the other creatives mentioned, does not work with words as much but still has a process and experiences blocks as well.

As a designer, her process includes listening to music and using Pinterest, a social media service that is built on discovering through images. Yewell uses Pinterest to help come up with ideas and color palettes. When she experiences blocks, she tries to just take a breather.

“I take a break from what I am trying to do and take a breather. Whether it’s to watch TV or go to the gym, I always come back to my projects with a fresh and open mind,” said Yewell.

Overall, many creatives experience blocks in creativity, no matter what type of creating they are doing. There are different techniques that they use to get past their humps of being uninspired. This could include tackling small projects, observing others, considering different ideas, changing your environment or just taking a break.