Johnson turns her hobby into her hustle

CEO of The Nail Sitter. Photo courtesy Camrynn Johnson

Spending spring and summer in quarantine was not what anybody expected out of 2020.

However, one young woman chose to take advantage of this time. By consistently perfecting her craft this FAMU student has used her self-taught skills to open her own business.

First-year doctor of pharmacy candidate Camrynn Johnson is one of the newest nail technicians in the Tallahassee and Atlanta areas.

Johnson became interested in doing nails her freshman year in 2018 because she viewed it as therapeutic and a form of art. However, she ended up giving up on nails shortly after that due to her not being confident and unimpressed by the outcome of her work.

Nail art by Camrynn Johnson. Photo courtesy Camrynn Johnson

When she had more time she would eventually take her craft seriously and in the process gained confidence in her work.

“Quarantine is what pushed me to actually begin taking clients and start practicing on other people. I saw everyone else starting businesses and thought maybe I could do the same thing,” Johnsonsaid.

Passion drove her to start developing her business, The Nail Sitter, and making personal and business goals that would build her resume as a businesswoman and nail technician.

The Nail Sitter has been able to produce a clientele of almost 100 customers since it opened in June.

Johnson chooses to service her clients in a conducive environment where they are comfortable and feel welcomed to talk about anything, as she remains confidential. Ayana Burchell is a loyal client at The Nail Sitter and has seen how Johnson has continued to grow her business.

“What I absolutely love about The Nail Sitter is the service as a whole. She gives great conversations, takes her time, and makes sure that you leave loving what you came in for,” Burchell said.

Having a support system like Johnson’s was essential to the progression of her business. With the encouragement from friends like Destinee Footman she has prospered.

“She was always good from the start but I have seen her grow with the creativity and the perfect application of the acrylic. I am often a guinea pig for her new ideas. I always show her new things I think her clients would potentially love,” Footman said.

Johnson is pursuing a state license as a nail technician at a local technical college and was also offered a position at a local nail salon, Nails Lala. One of her long-term goals is to establish a Black-owned nail salon where she can work side by side with other nail technicians.