Student’s interior design business taking off

Jaden Clements, Photo Courtesy Jalen Clements

Now that we are in the fall season, many people have changed decorations to fit the halloween and holiday theme. Jalen Clements, a junior  graphic design major at FAMU, has his own interior design business and is always read to make suggestions.

Clements started his business, DryInterior, in March of this year.

“I’ve had my interior design business for about eight months now,” Clements said. “I’ve always had a passion for event planning and set up. One day I was doing research trying to find an apartment in my college town and I instantly fell in love with finding decor for my room. At this point I was already visiting Ikea twice a week getting inspiration for my room and future projects. My major was already graphic design so I wanted to find ways to make myself more marketable which is when I thought of having my own business.”

Since the start of the Fall season, Clements has made some changes to decor and noticed some favorites.

“My favorite fall decor would have to be fall-colored throw pillows,” Clements said. “ Pillows are one of the main essentials for a bedroom or living room. Simply adding an orange or brown pillow can change the entire aesthetic of the space. “Another small object I like to add is candles,” he said.

Clements knows that interior design can get expensive at times so he always gives his clients tips when looking for things.

“Some tips I give people searching for affordable home decor is to shop around at thrift stores,” Clements said. “Most pieces at thrift stores are damaged but nothing a little paint and hammer won’t fix. It can sometimes be a hit or miss but it just takes patience.”

Marc Robinson said he has enjoyed with working with Clements.

“Service was amazing,” Robinson said. “I appreciate the detailed help.”

Another one of Clements’ customers, Darius Poullard, was satisfied with his service.

“I highly recommend DryInterior for all of your decorative needs,” Poullard said. “The service was excellent and the look was exactly what I was looking for.”

Though Clements has good reviews he still believes that there are some difficulties with interior design.

“The most challenging part of interior design is working on multiple projects with the same color scheme,” Clements said. “Most male clients stick to the colors blue and grey so I have to ensure that every room where I  complete the design is different. To make sure this happens, I tend to create mood boards and pull from different sources for inspiration.”