Instagram updates leave users frustrated

Instagram’s latest update, with new icons on the bottom of the screen. Photo courtesy Instagram’s official account.

For many, Instagram is a staple social media platform. It’s nearly essential for any business or organization; and with COVID-19 minimizing many events to Instagram Live, you can guarantee this app isn’t going anywhere any time soon. However, recent updates to the app have users a little less than satisfied.

Several complaints on Twitter reveal that many despise Instagram’s latest update.

“I hate how Instagram only shows people who post the most,” @kend0llass tweeted. I don’t wanna see the same people everyday!”

“It’s like Instagram is trying its hardest to be the worst app,” @ih8threat said on Twitter just three days ago, receiving nearly 50,000 retweets.

Users feel that Instagram no longer welcomes your average Joe, looking to catch up with loved ones through the app. Instead, it pushes influencers and large accounts, and content it believes you’re more prone to interact with. Updates to the app within the last month alert users that they’re “All Caught Up” when they’ve reached the bottom of their feed and even suggests sponsored or related posts to keep you scrolling, according to

Though several changes were made recently, the most noticeable changes are in regard to the layout and overall flow as we know it. The bottom of the app was once home to tabs directing you to create a new post, your profile, your notifications, the explore page, and the main screen that held access to your feed and direct messages. Now, users log on and are still met with the tabs that direct them to their profile, to create a new post, and of course the main screen containing their feed. However, now the home screen also holds the explore page and notifications, alongside the direct messages. The bottom tabs now features reels, Instagram’s new 30-second TikTok replica, and a shopping tab that enables users to purchase items directly from a business without leaving the app.

@ih8threat speaking out on twitter regarding her popular opinion towards Instagram.

“I’d say it’s clear Facebook is capitalizing on Instagram and influencer culture with the ads and now a main shopping tab,” Dillon Jules, a junior at Florida State said. “I think all the ads and consumerism distracts from the main reason most users are there, which is to share and see content from their friends and families.”

Instagram’s top executive, Adam Mosseri is aware that the new updates cater to influencers and other users with rather large followings. In fact, that was the goal.

“We’re working on a number of new features to help creators make a living, expect more updates soon,” Mosseri said in a statement.

It’s unlikely that Instagram blatantly ignored a whole demographic of its audience on purpose. However, the app’s average users have been asking for one thing — posts back in chronological order — for years now, and have gotten everything but that ever since.