Will Ginsburg’s final wish be ignored?

Women’s remain rights in jeopardy as death of RBG influences republicans to find a replacement before election. Photo courtesy politicalyouthnetwork.org

In the aftermath of the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, women’s rights remain a political issue despite consistent demands for equality.

Using her entire legal career to end discrimination and defend women’s rights as basic human rights, Ginsburg stood firmly behind Roe v. Wade and fought hard to keep it effective.

For those who may be unaware, the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court landmark decision made it legal for women to have abortions without government restrictions. While it remains controversial, this case also remains relevant because it is under attack in the courts. Many women died from unsafe abortions when they weren’t legal.

While the choice to experience a pregnancy should be solely based on the pregnant woman, many Republicans are “pro life” and support an anti-abortion movement established to discourage and dismantle abortions on religious and moral grounds. They use propaganda to convince their followers that abortion is wrong and they want nothing more than to control the lives women.

It has been reported that Ginsburg told her granddaughter while laying on her death bed, “My most fervent wish is to not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Her dying wish went ignored as confirmation hearings are being held this week for Donald Trump’s nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barnett.

As contradicting as it is that women have the audacity to be against abortions, I can understand the misinterpretation if their reasoning is based on religion. Many are raised in churches that emphasize how God hates abortions. Those who don’t research beyond what they’re told wouldn’t know any different.

Other than biased religious reasons it doesn’t make sense why women would willingly be against abortion.

There are thousands of children in  foster care who no one chooses to take home. Their plight could’ve been prevented had abortion did not have such a bad stigma attached to it.

The number of women who get pregnant from rape and have to deal with the consequences is unthinkable. The number of women who were sacrificed in unsafe abortion practices is unreasonable. The fact that this is still a problem years after Roe v. Wade is hurtful and makes women worldwide feel as though our voices were never heard.

Barnett’s being questioned on her position in the anti-abortion movement and, like Trump, continues to deny any allegations on how she would rule.

Given the uncertainty of this upcoming election, it seems likely that if Trump gets re-elected abortion will be illegal in all states and protests will most likely be non-stop.

Don’t expect these protests to be peaceful when the situation involves the quality and control of one’s life.