This Rattler’s business is ‘lit’


Alexis Davis delivers relaxation and the ultimate vibes with her Lit by Lex candle business. Photo courtesy

Florida A&M University senior Alexis Davis provides soothing vibes and ultimate relaxation with the recent launch of her new candle business, Lit by Lex.

While getting through college and quarantine made life difficult for many students, Davis was determined to keep pushing forward to find light throughout these confusing times.

“I started back in March when I had to leave FAMU and quarantine was just beginning. I found a lot of inspiration through the vibrant personalities I met on campus so when we had to go back home it was hard trying to find happiness but that was my main goal,” she said.

Starting a business is far from easy and finding inspiration can be challenging, but Davis said her motivation came through an obstacle faced early on. “I wanted to be financially free and not have to work for others. Last year when I started making candles, my brother got his on Christmas and it didn’t light. Although that hurt my feelings, I learned that if I really wanted to do something, I had to do the research,” Davis said.

Through her research Davis was able to find products that are not only vegan but also non-carcinogenic — unlike most big-name brands. Putting more thought into her craft, Davis was strategic enough to ensure that even her packing peanuts were biodegradable and can easily dissolve in water.

“Lex is a jack of all trades, she’s so multidimensional,” close friend Maya Williams said.

Williams correlates Davis’ personality to the rich qualities of candles when asked how they met. “When we met, we instantly clicked. She has a very calm and soothing energy about her. I say calm because I’ve never seen her get upset about anything, she doesn’t allow outside forces to impact her mood.”

Setting the mood comes with ease as each candle has its own playlist that corresponds with the color of the wax and label.

“Colors. Music. Candles. Those were my three main things when organizing my presentation. I chose albums that match the color of the candle and specific songs that came to mind and matched the scents,” Davis said. “Music has saved my life in so many different ways and I wanted to incorporate a different type of feel with adding music. I think music is the best way to feel alive. I listen to songs everyday so why not play a song that matches the feeling?”

Thanks to Davis’ candles, Williams has changed her buying habits.

“I no longer use commercial candles. My favorite is Don’t You Worry About A Thing. I love the vanilla scent and it gives a warm and cozy feel,” Williams said.

With hopes to brighten the world one lit room at a time, Davis says her goal is to give back to other Black-owned businesses and use the extra money to fund being a freelance journalist. Her goal is to spread love by doing what she loves and inspire others to do the same.

To find out more about specific candles, their playlists and how to order for yourself or as a gift, visit for all details.