Students prepare for remote midterms

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At the beginning of the semester many students were on the fence about virtual learning. Six weeks into the semester, many students have gotten acclimated to the virtual learning style and feel prepared for upcoming exams. 

Ju’cole Grace, a junior at Florida A&M, doesn’t notice any significant differences in learning virtually rather than in person. 

“It isn’t any different from being physically in school for me,” Grace said. “It’s pretty much the same with powerpoint lectures, they go through them in class and I go back over them after class to make sure I got a good understanding.” 

With four midterms on her schedule, Grace has had to prioritize her time in order to properly prepare for her tests. 

“My test will be proctored through Respondus lockdown browser and will be a mixture of short answer and multiple choice questions,” Grace said. “To prepare for my exams I usually study for about two hours a day after I get off of work. In order to make sure I’m not distracted I cut off my phone while I go over notes.” 

Grace also believes that professors have done all that they can to adjust their teaching to a virtual learning style. 

“I feel that my professors have prepared me for my midterms,” Grace said. “They try their best to accommodate. They too have to deal with being in front of a computer screen for long hours throughout the day. Whether or not students pay attention their professor is up to them.” 

Senior healthcare management student Alexis Bridges also doesn’t believe that testing virtually is any different from in person. 

“Just like in the past, to study I follow along any guidelines or study guides provided by my professors,” Bridges said. “Majority of my class exams are multiple choice and proctored through the Respondus lockdown browser.” 

Raina Von Zerneck from HER Campus shares with students tips on how to prepare for virtual midterms.

“Plan out your exam schedule, schedule your study time, make a study guide for each exam, commit to the time you set to study,” Zerneck said. 

Zerneck also talks about how important it is to take care of yourself and stay hydrated while preparing for midterms. 

“It is essential to take care of yourself during high stress periods,” Zerneck said. “This will not only help you do your best but will make dealing with exam week a lot easier. It’s vital for your health to stay hydrated and it will also keep your mood up.”