Lying is a way of life for Trump

Staff writer Phylicia Wright. Photo courtesy Wright

From downplaying the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to  racist remarks toward Black and Brown communities, how could anyone trust the presidentof the United States?

Whether President Donald Trump wins the 2020 election or not, he will be the acting commander in chief until the next presidential Inauguration. Which means the Trump administration can continue to have a major impact on America and continue its relentless deceptions.

Recently Trump contracted coronavirus and was hospitalized due to multiple concerns about his health. He and his administration have told media officials that they test the president and anyone close to him daily. However, that was deceitful information and, according to The New York Times, the administration was only tested “regularly.”

Due to this misinformation Americans and the media have been wondering when the president’s last negative and positive COVID-19 tests were. There has yet to be any information concerning these tests and documents.

Even after his three-day hospital stay Trump has lied once again and has been insensitive regarding the pandemic and the lives affected and lost.

On Monday, after returning to the White House, Trump tweeted “… Don’t be afraid of COVID. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

Back in February Trump was fully aware of the severity of COVID-19 and even told Bob Woodward that it was “deadly stuff.” Instead of acting on that viewpoint and beginning safety precautions he told America that it was a hoax to prevent “panic.” As COVID-19 began to take the lives of Americans in the springtime he suggested that the sunlight from the summer would kill the virus. Those statements were all lies or deceitful and not confirmed by health officials.

Facebookearlier this week deleted a post of his which claimed that the flu is more lethal than COVID-19 which has been scientifically proven false. This is the second tweet Facebook has chosen to delete at the discretion of misinformation being communicated to a wide public audience. Twitter chose to hide the post under a public interest notice.

“Flu season is coming up! Many people every year, sometimes over 100,000 and despite the vaccine, die from the flu. Are we going to close our Country down? No, we have learned to live with it, just like we are learning to live with Covid, in most populations far less lethal!!!” Trump tweeted, and later deleted.

It has been over seven months of complete madness and dishonest information. Nonetheless, this was not the start of this administration’s ongoing lies and scandals.

The “wall” that Trump wanted built was one of his biggest platform points to keep out unwanted undocumented immigrants who have “taken” jobs away from American citizens. The wall is not merely that but closer to the equivalence of a fence and is still being built. He also said that Mexico was going to pay for that wall — which it did not and is currently being paid for with the Americans’ taxes.

The president has also made false claims on the success of his own administration, saying that it has gotten more done than any other administration. In President Barack Obama’s first two years he was able to get more than two bills passed while Trump passed only two. The president has made promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care, but has struggled to do so.

To give Trump the benefit of doubt some of his lies and miscommunication is due to him not being fully aware of how the system works or doing full research. But when you are the commander inchief of America, that is not an excuse and something that should have been fixed immediately.

The worst part of Trump’s lies is that he never goes back and owns up to them and fixes the miscommunication. America’s trust in this president and his administration will soon diminish if it hasn’t already.