The Lunchbox doesn’t disappoint

Breakfast at The Lunchbox. Photo by Samoni Brown

Located at the corner of Magnolia and Mahan drives, The LunchBox is a great place to go for breakfast and lunch. Formerly known as Jenny’s Lunchbox, it offers low prices and unquestionably fulfilling portions, if you are in the area it should be one of the first places that comes to mind.

It does not look like much  from the outside. It is a small building with about 10-12 spaces for parking, about four to five tables outdoors and inside there are about 8-10 tables. Along the walls and ceiling, there are vintage lunchboxes everywhere.  Needless to say, the space is limited, but it gives an at-home mom and pop feel that is relaxed and simple. All of the staff I interacted with were pleasant, vibrant and upbeat teeming with Southern hospitality. They also had a short wait time for the food to be finished.

I tried the pancake plate, which includes two pancakes, eggs, and an order of meat  (I chose bacon). Also included were sides of butter and syrup and cutlery. Unfortunately, they do not offer any meat options aside from pork for breakfast. The two pancakes were huge and fluffy; they had a scent of a little bit of cinnamon added in and crisp edges. The eggs were simple and sort of plain. I had cheese added into my eggs, but I still had to add salt and pepper to them for there to be any real flavor. I am not a pork eater but when I was, I would have suggested for the bacon to be cooked a little longer so that it could be crispy.

I was not too upset about the quality of the eggs or the bacon because the prices are not bad. For my meal it was $8, which is not bad for a filling breakfast. The majority of The Lunchbox breakfast menu items are below $10, so that makes it affordable for those on a budget or for those looking to feed a family. It also offers lunch where the prices range from $8-$11 per meal, including various burgers, wraps, and salads.

It is open from 6:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. seven days a week, with the option of dine-in or take-out. The breakfast items are available all day.

I would recommend The Lunchbox as a place to go if you are on a budget and want some fulfilling breakfast.